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Police: Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Bikini Area

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mkrishnan, Mar 12, 2010.

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    What would a Friday on MacRumors be without a news article like this one? :)

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    I've heard of muff divers but not muff drivers.
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    Her ex-husband took the wheel so she could shave her muff clean for her new boyfriend?
    What a swell guy he is

    The old line of "pics or it didn't happen" takes on a whole new level here
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    rdowns & MacDawg - it's always a pleasure to read your comments. Haha

    I can't beileve this happened AND that she admitted this to the police. Couldn't have she said she got distracted briefly before she saw the car infront...jeez!
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    If you have been to the Keys, you would probably believe it.
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    lol thats what I was thinking as I was reading this. On their way to a threesome perhaps?
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    hehe i was thinking the same thing...pretty amazing
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    It's so true... it's just insane down there. It's as if there's a whacko homing-beacon that guides them to shore in the Keys like giant sea tortoises. :eek:
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    Agreed, it is like being on another planet.:cool:

    As for the driver, given her record she should spend 6 months in jail as she showed complete disregard for safe driving and no common sense what so ever.
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    I wonder if boyfriend is now "ex boyfriend"
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    I was thinking the same thing... Here hunny let me take the wheel while you get ready for your weekend with your new boyfriend! Yeah ok.... He should of gave her a straight razor! ha. Now that would of been good!
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    That PLUS he was willing to take the fall.
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    Usually, in the rest of the country, when you're sentenced to 5 years of a revoked license, plus 9 months probation and impounding your car, you don't go out and try to top off your previous stupidity the next day.

    At least she didn't wreck a good car...
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    I've been doing some more thinking about this, and I still can't seem to wrap my brain around it

    What kind of woman shaves her muff in the car?
    Wouldn't it be at least a little odd even in the backseat?

    And what kind of guy, nevermind an ex, aids a girl in muff shaving on her way to see another guy?
    I can understand the erotic thrill in a setting of candles, bubblebath, and a glass of wine
    But driving down the highway on her way to see her BF and you are the ex?

    When I think of ex and razor in the same sentence, it doesn't include the words muff shaving... just sayin'

    I know many women put on their makeup while driving, we have all seen it... eyeliner, lipstick, a little blush here and there

    But exactly how widespread is muff shaving during the morning commute?
    I wonder if there are any statistics on how many accidents have been attributed to this directly, or even indirectly from rubberneckers?

    Also, was this a dry shave??
    Ouch... doesn't that make those unsightly bumps the girls all worry about?
    Wouldn't that have defeated the whole purpose of setting the table for her new BF?

    And if it wasn't a dry shave, then WTH?
    Shaving gel? Shaving cream? Whipped cream?
    Wouldn't that make muff shaving while driving a little lot messy?

    Or maybe it was an electric razor... guys do that on their morning commute
    Not manscaping really, but you know, on their face

    Ok, I guess I have been thinking about this waaaaaay too much
    But still, there is an odd appeal to it
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    You are the sole reason I read threads like these. Thank you :D
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    Someone needs a life. :D

    Thank you sir.
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    You might be on to something! :p :D
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    Oh, like neither one of you had these same questions rattling around inside your head with the voices

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    Fixed that for you. :p
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    Well. Er. Um. Yes. :D :eek:
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    You really did a deep dive into this muff mystery. :)

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