Polished Smart Cover leaving marks on Skinomi Techskin, Any suggestions for a fix?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MrXiro, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I got my leather smart cover all nice black and shiny with some shoe polish but now when I fold it back onto my Skinomi Techskin (which looks and feels great btw) it leaves a black residue on the skin... there was no issue when it was the normal aluminum back or when I had a black back cover on it (white back cover on the other hand started to get dirty FAST but not like the TechSkin) anyway, anyone know of a way I can seal in the shoe polish so it doesn't leak onto the skin? It wipes off like dry erase marker... so just wiping it off works... but I would rather not have do that every time I use the iPad.

    The main problem is how these 3M type skins have a stickiness to them so it kind of grips the smart cover and yanks off some polish from the leather...

    Any suggestions?
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    Wipe with a buffing cloth until no more transfer on the cloth? You may end up unpolishing the cover that way, but perhaps some of the pigment will remain when the excess wax is all taken up.

    In general, shoe polish sounds like a bad idea. It does tend to transfer.
  3. MrXiro, Apr 13, 2012
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    I've polished it with some mink oil in hopes that will make it stick less to the back. Waiting for it to dry a bit. I've been polishing it for days now and the excess polish just isn't coming out quickly.

    The mink oil I used today did cause a lot of black to come out though. Hope that helps. Is there a cleaning solution to take out shoe polish from leather?
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    Basic suggestion there is saddle soap.

    Another page I read suggested using neutral shoe polish, as shoe polish contains mild solvents such that you can use neutral to displace black. Might still leave "neutral" waxy spots though.

    I'm a little concerned that anything you try that would remove or dissolve polish might discolor the leather. Apple's leather smart covers are aniline-dyed, i.e. soluble. You get beautiful grain, but it makes the color a little prone to discoloration or removal.
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    May look into that. I ordered a black macally cover so it shouldn't be an issue once I have that on... Just got to wait a week or so.
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    Strip the shoe polish and use back to black or any clear bumper shine. Thank me later and use sparingly

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