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Poll: Are you Folding?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Zeke, Jun 11, 2003.

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    With only 100 active users and 2000 people answering polls there's a much larger base to draw from...so we should see why people aren't.
    Are you folding?

    What's Folding?
    Yes, for Team MacRumors
    Yes, for some other team.
    Yes, but what's a Team?
    No, don't want to.
    No, computer's not fast enough.
    No, I want to but I don't know how.
    No, I have a PC and thus can't fold for MacRumors.
    No, I'd rather look for aliens.
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    yes, for macrumors team

    most people who see the front page don't bother going much deeper... certainly not into distributed folding.

    still, we could expect maybe another 100 or so reasonably
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    Yes, for Team MacRumors

    Though I am using a PC to fold, and so are quite a few other members of Team MacRumors.
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    Yeah, I use 10 PC's but I thought maybe that's why some people didn't fold...I submitted this poll idea a while back but they didn't put it up. So I figured maybe enough people will post that it'll go to the front page...maybe someone will make it a poll too...who knows.
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    Ummm yeah most of the power of this team comes PC's.

    And rower (do mod's have the power) to make this into a real poll... atleast submit the idea to Arn when he has nothing better to put on a poll.
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    Yes, for Team MacRumors. Using an iMac, iBook, and a few old PCs. They may not be much, but they do the job.
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    Yep, folding for Macrumors Team Folding. Last time I checked, I'm somewhere in 30's rank-wise.
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    I should be #10 in the next 2 days. I've been chugging away seriously the past few days though. Much more than the past...
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    and like hell, but

    "Yes, for some other team." ( Luxembourg 11170 )
  10. pEZ
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    yes, for team macrumors (as my sig says)
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    mods can't "really" make a poll either... they'd have to do some work to get it going

    but submitting it to arn isn't a bad idea... get the idea of d.c. out in the main area...
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    yes, but for another team (box set authentic -- 31506)

    by making my own team, i've gotten 9 others to start folding.
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    Yeah, arn's the only one with "poll powers" these days. If enough people ask (nicely), he'll probably make one.
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    But it is just my laundry.
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    yes with ~40-51 processors a week, most of them 1GHz+ PCs

    i'm ranked 23 for the whole project

    all for 3446

    i also make some helpful folding scripts
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    OK. I'm in...

    Read the Stanford page (scanned it) and figure this is a good idea. One thing I didn't catch (yes, I'm lazy today...sorry): How does this folding info get zapped back to the proper folks?

    I'm off to get the screensaver going on my 933.
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    Yes, for Team MacRumors

    This thread should be somewhere else, like free talk, its like posting a "Do you use a mac" anywhere in the MR forum
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    Yes, for Team MacRumors, although all the computers I use are not macs. Mostly pc's.
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    Re: OK. I'm in...

    Ah cool, it gets 'zapped' when every your computer is connected to the internet.

    Or you can set it to set it to connect to the internet when it finishes a unit.
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    Yes, for MacRumors. Well, I hope the machines I installed folding on at school are folding. ;)

    I don't like to fold on my computer. Despite what people say I think it is bad for the CPU.

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    And I say the only way to keep your computer 'running' is to never un-pack it.

    You may be able to keep it 'running' forever if you never open the box.


    It doesn't overload anything, it doesn't burn out anything, etc.
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    Are you using a vaporware Intel CPU that explodes if you try to do any real work? CPUs are designed to compute. Unless you have cooling problems, there's really no reason that a Mac or any other real computer shouldn't be used for computing. I'm more worried about the heat from the PowerMac's power supply than the heat being generated by the G4s.
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    If you read the help and faq section of the Folding website you will see that there have been some problems with some PC using the gromacs optimized files. They actually get way too hot. This is documented. It appears the chip was never designed to run those sorts of calculations all the time as the G4 was.
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    Yes i am folding
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    That's ridiculous. With proper cooling, a CPU should be able to run with a 100 percent load continuously. No optimized program code should be able to overload it.

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