POLL Are you going to buy a MacBook Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by squeeks, Jan 15, 2008.


Would you buy a macbook air now?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

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    now that we know the specs
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    hell no!
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    My answer's always been no. I've never needed an MBA. My current Macbook does just fine...
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    I'll stick with my MBP and add a MP.
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    considering dell m1330 and eee, thank you SJ.
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    Bought 2 one high end and one low :) for a friend :)
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    I wouldnt mind if this brings down the price of blackbooks. I wouldnt mind gettin me a sexy new little blackbook:cool:
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    Not in my life.

    Id rather get a MB and save some cash, or upgrade to a faster MBP for just a little more.

    The MBP and MB are thin enough for me. I mean really, when Im sliding it into my bag, I dont care about a few CMs more space. The one advantage it has IMO is WEIGHT. It is nice and light. But why would I pay MORE for that! It should be like $200 cheaper than the MB IMO. I would consider it then, to be my portable daily machine. The price is the ridiculous part.
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    I love my MBP way too much :) I would have maybe thought a little more about it if it had a dedicated graphics card/chip :)
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    No way!!!
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    Apple thanks you for wasting your money :p
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    $1,799 for 1.6 GHz??? i don't value portability that much.
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    No, a regular MacBook will do just fine.
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    No thanks
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    lookin to adopt? :)
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    Don't need portability. I can careless about how thick it is. It lacks power/graphics card. MBP for me once new ones are announced.
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    all style no substance, its wonderful to look at I give it that, but apart from multitouch (which will probably come to all macbooks soon) it actually gives u less then the macbook
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    I guess I am the only one that is going to buy it with a 90% of it being SSD. :(
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    The reason I bought them is my right arm is disabled from a accident, even though I have my macbook its a bit to heavy to carry around so anything lighter is a plus... I looked at the EEE pc but passed, my back is also messed up so a desktop is out, the things I did not like about the MBP is the keyboard and the latch, a bit tricky for me........so have the best of both worlds and if anyone wants my current model 2.2 macbook, let me know I will sell for a good price if you wait till i get my macbook Air :) I just carry it around the house a bit....
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    it's just plain useless. looks awesome yes, but only one USB... and a seperate superdrive? i don't think so
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    some of us do not use more then one :)
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    Some of us use no USB ports and only dvd drive for reinstall.
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    All I wanted was an ultra portable and this is it.

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    Just ordered refurbed MBP 2.2GHz online... I waited about three months to hear what Steve and the Gang were going to offer, and a regular ol' MBP will work better for me. I agree, it looks sexy, but not practical for a graphic designer like myself.
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    My feeling is that this model is going to be one of Apple's failures.
    Too expensive for what it offers and way too small storage with either drive.
    Having to cart along or attach external hard drives and dvd drives completely undermines the portability of the model.

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