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Poll: Best and Worst Apple products of all time.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacTruck, Nov 6, 2005.

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    What would you say were the best and worst apple products ever? I would have to say:

    Best - Powermac G5 Dual: This has been the fastest and best computer I have ever owned and it looks nice. Like having a lexus in my office. Soon to be replaced by the Quad.

    Worst - Apple Puck Mouse: Talk about carpel tunnel. This is the equivalent to the eyeglass holder in the movie "The Jerk". Can't believe there are no lawsuits from this.

    What do you think?
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    best either the ipod or the original imac... it saved apple
    worst - i don't really know of anything...
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    Same for me.

    Best: PowerMac G5 form factor and enclosure. Powerful and quiet. Quads look nice.
    Best consumer product: iPod mini.

    Worst: Hockey Puck Mouse & iMac G3 keyboard. Close third would be the 20th Anniversary Mac. $10K for one of the ugliest computers in existence.
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    iMac G5 rev.C - nice quality for the price
    iBook G4 12" - strong and affordable powerbook 12" competitor

    (of course the powermac kick ass, but they are too expensive and come with not enough ram and small hardrive place for the price)

    eMac - I hate the way it look
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    BEST: I have the love for my Rev. D 15" PB. Because it was free

    worst: stuff that wasn't free.
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    Best-iMac G5, they're just so cool (wish I had one :))

    Worst- Flower Power iMac. Yuck!
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    Best: Apple ][
    Worst: The 1 button mouse (any/all of them)
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    Best: iTunes, first 15" PB (Wow), quad G5, maybe Aperture (we'll see), iPod, FinalCut. Of course the 128K from 1984 started it all. The list of great Apple things can go on and on.

    Worst: Some of the switch ads were just painful to watch. But even worse were the early iPod commercials with people singing along very badly (anyone remember the 'My Generation' guy?) That was the only time in my life that I was embarrassed to be a mac head.
  9. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    Best: iMac G5!
    Bester: The iPod, not just because it's cool, but because now Apple has more money to make computers :p

    Worst: that stupid round mouse: I would always end up holding it backwards.

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    hey i happen to liek the psychadelicness of the flowerpower imac, when i got it, i thought it was great to have one that wasn't just some solid colour, THINK DIFFERENT and unique, but i digress
    BEST: imac G5 revs A and B were great starters but the C is cream of the crop

    WORST: eMac, that thing is stupid, why go with the old imac form factor for a new modern product, it just seems really stupid to me
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    Best: Tibook. It was so great for its time - good speed compared to PC notebooks of the time, revolutionarily thin for its size, and extremely attractive. And the ipod, of course.

    Worst: the 20th anniversary mac is a good choice.

    Really, there are so many possible answers for both!
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    Best- eMac. It might not be the prettiest, but it was the first "affordable" G4 Mac and my very first Mac as well. $799 is a pretty good price a 1.25GHz eMac 1 year ago.

    Worst- Apple Puck Mouse. I have one and it's definetly the worst mouse I have ever used. Too damn small! I can't believe they actually expected people to use those things! :eek:
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    I agree, Mac mini is like the new eMac!
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    Best - Powermac Dual G5

    Worst - That horrible puck mouse. That tops the nipple on IBM notebooks as an input device - by far!! and I hate those things.
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    mad jew

    Best: iBook G4 for bringing affordable notebook performance to the masses.

    Worst: Sherlock for being useless for users outside of California, let alone the USA, and that's being generous. :(
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    The Mac mini does look better than the eMac, but it's slower than the eMac. It has a slower video card, slower HD (laptop HD), and less I/O ports. Plus I prefer the AIO design of the eMac (which makes my desk a lot less cluttered). I wish Apple would bring the eMac back in a all new design, but I doubt that would ever happen.
  17. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    It's called the iMac G5 ;)
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    Nah the iMac G5 is too expensive. There's now a huge gap between the $699 Mac mini and the $1299 iMac G5. Apple should bring out a new line or something to fill that gap. Or add another config to the Mac mini.
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    ooh, good call on Sherlock. What's happened to it? Used to work great for me, and now nothing comes up! I always found it useful, but it's frustrating that it doesn't work anymore...
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    Yeah, outside the US is crap, but I get awesome sherlock results and I'm outside CA.

  21. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    What is sherlock?
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    mad jew

    Sherlock is in your Applications folder. It's kinda hard to explain what it does because it does nothing for me, but open it up and check it out. :)
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    Best: The iPod, it has really revolutionized music. And Mac OSX is probably one of the best products Apple has put out as well.

    Worst: Definitely the puck mouse, I hated that thing. I'm also not too fond of Sherlock.
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    Best: iMac G5
    Worst: eMac and Flower Power iMac G3
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    Best - iMac (all of them), Pismo, iBook, G4 Powerbook.

    Worst - Puck Mouse, 20th Anniversary Mac.

    Flawed implementation of a brilliant idea: The Cube. It's now slow, old and crippled in terms of overall features but damn it I still want one.

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