Poll: The Clash OR The Sex Pistols?

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The Clash or The Sex Pistols?

  1. The Clash

    13 vote(s)
  2. The Sex Pistols

    7 vote(s)
  3. Neither

    5 vote(s)
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    I think Sex Pistols and Clash are two very different animals: The former were a group of brats put together and orchestrated by Malcolm McLaren and dressed by the legendary Vivien Westwood. They were more of a project in shock values that self-destructed because that was the only solution to maintain their infamous image. The Clash are genuine musicians with a true concern for social and political issues.

    So Sex Pistols for irreverent attitude and Clash for relevant musicianship :)
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    The Clash - no contest!
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    Jaffa Cake

    The Clash, without a shadow of a doubt.
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    The Pistols were a novelty, The Clash weren't much better...

    I'm not much of a fan of either...
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    Like them both. Since I've seen the Sex Pistols at CBGB's and never seen the Clash, I'm going with the Sex.
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    You're right, The Clash just advertised jeans...
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    The Clash were by far the better band, but Never Mind The Bollocks has had a massive influence on my life.

    I went round my friends house after school to hear it for the first time in October 1977 and life was never the same again. It triggered something in my head and after that day music became my main passion, which it still is today.

    I started hanging around with different people, I wore different clothes, went to gigs and spent all of my spare money on records. Many of the friends I still have today were my friends in the punk and new wave days.

    So I have to vote for the Pistols.
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    That's amazing to hear-- no doubt the Pistols were a profound influence as a whole. But without McLaren's vision, I don't think there would be a Sex Pistols-- no matter how much Johnny and the rest of the band will have you believe. Have you read John Lydon's No Irish - No Blacks - No dogs?
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    Good post!

    I was too young for The Pistols and The Clash.I remember being 5 years old and hearing my parents talking to friends about the Pistols whilst I lost crayons in a fur rug...:eek:

    But I had the same experience as you, but for me it was the tail end of Minor Threat, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and Two Tone
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    Agreed. Freaks like The Stooges were far better and genuine.

    Agreed. I never got much into punk from across the pond.
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    Now you're talking!!

    I guess the posing of UK punk never appealed to me...
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    Let's hope Iggy sticks around just a few more years.
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    I wish he'd not done the insurance adverts though...:(
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    Yes- but that guy's been broke most of his life. I'm not gonna begrudge him a bit of cash now.
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    I got into The Stooges off the back of the Pistols. :)

    It was the raw energy of NMTB that got to me. I had heard Anarchy in the UK and God Save the Queen a couple of times but hearing the whole album was mind blowing for me as a thirteen year old. The music in the charts was especially dire in 1977, then punk came along and shook it all up.

    After that of course, I started listening to the John Peel radio show, which really opened my mind. :cool:
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    Good old John Peel. Was such a nice guy...
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    Neither. They both have a unique "suck" sound.

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