Poor Design On Krusell Case

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Count de Monet, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Count de Monet

    I recently purchased the Krusell Orbit with Multidapt iPhone case below


    It comes with a Slide Swivelkit which can be seen here


    Overall the case is well made using good materials but the belt 'Swivelkit' really sucks. The swivel part of the belt clip is positioned in the centre of the phone case, this results in the phone constantly revolving on the belt when you are walking which is annoying, if this part had been positioned slightly higher on the case the weight of the phone would stop the phone from turning when on the belt.

    I have pointed this out to Krusell but surprise surprise they have not even bothered to reply so I have posted here.

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    Where are the photos?
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    Count de Monet


    The belt clip connection is seen in the middle of the case

    This is a better design, the connector is placed towards the top of the case. The weight of the phone stops the phone revolving on the belt when walking


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