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port a full ios on atv2

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pipposanta, Nov 6, 2010.

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    I have bought a new black Apple TV. I've jailbroken it and I am trying to port a "full iOS" on it. What do I mean by "full iOS"? To have a complete iOS environment and not only the Lowtide.app gui. In this way we could achieve a simil-ipad small enough to be carried away and powerful enough to play game and execute apps.

    Anyone wants to help me?

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    First, the problem with putting what you refer to as "full iOS" on an Apple TV is the lack of appropriate input. I mean... you can install Angry Birds all you want, but at the end of the day, there wouldn't be any way to play it.

    Second, there are a number of efforts to create applications suitable for existing input methods on the Apple TV. Most of these are plugins for Lowtide.app which, as far as I (and pretty much anyone) know, is the only iOS app that will accept any kind of IR input.
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    the ipad, once jailbroken supports as input methods both mouse and keyboard, so Ithink it would not so difficult to implement something like this also in the atv2.
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    the new :apple:tv, the ipad, and iphone4 all have the same processor.
    Not sure what you'd gain by rigging something together, that apple already has done in a nice neat package.
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    do you want to help me porting the ios?
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    Okkk. Lemme set you strait!!

    Yea, I know that I spelled that wrong. First to get reference gets a cookie!

    anyway, enough nonsense:D
    so ATV2 DOES run a full IOS, it just does not display a Springboard.
    If you do, however, compile a front end to an app that would allow you to access it from "lowtide.app" then you would have an issue with controls. No TS (EDIT) that means Touchscreen. But, if you could get the "Mouse", like the one that works with Veency, then that would be NP (edit) no problem. So, in short, It would be better for everyone to try to make a loader addon, and try to make BT mouse work, rather than springboard. If you want to work on that with me, then that would be cool, but putting SpringBoard on ATV would be near pointless.
    Sorry if I sound harsh.
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    Pointless. Unless u have a touchscreen tv. And if u did would you really wana stand next to it and have your self using a huge screen like that?
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    the atv2 doesn't run a full iOS. I did a ssh explore in the atv2 filesystem and I discovered that many things were missing. Springboard.app for example was missing. I tried to do a simple drag and drop of it along with some frameworks and execute it but it didn't work.

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