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iPad mini Portable keyboards for Ipad Mini

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by frankchen855, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Apple's wireless keyboard.
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    Belkin Folio Keyboard for Mini

    I bought the Belkin Folio keyboard case for my iPad mini, it's a dust magnet and I'm forever cleaning it, but the keyboard is nice to use. I have one complaint in that there are no rubber pieces to keep the keyboard off the screen of the mini when folded - I put a microfibre cloth over the mini screen when I close it, but will get some rubber feet to do it properly.
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    I have the Zagg7 - Works well except I wish it had something that kept it closed.
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    Yeah, the Minisuit one I ordered has the rubber pieces for the screen... that's why I ordered this one.


    Link please?


    Not portable enough for me for the ipad mini... pretty pricey too!
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    I have the zagg 7 as well. Nice looking case too!!

    Bought it a few days before I got my ipad mini.... now I'm not sure I need it since I find it very easy to type on the mini.
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    I bought one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370746883922

    Very cheap at just just under £15 delivered and actually pretty good. Lots of iPad specific keys (cut, copy, paste, home, screen off, media controls etc), same width as the iPad Mini, light and a nice action on the keys.

    I have an Apple Wireless keyboard but don't get on with it at all when used with the iPad. A lack of shortcut keys make it much less usable than it should be, plus compared with the iPad specific keyboards it is pretty large, albeit very comfortable to type on.
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    The zagg 7 is really handy and I've been loving it so far and pretty comfy for a small keyboard. Except now I've come across some of the keys not working. I suspect this is a charge issue though...
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    How are you liking this one? How is it compared to the Apple BT Keyboard?

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    As I have a Smart Case, I have a Logitech K760 solar keyboard because I don't need the stand. It's great and a pleasure to type on.

    The reviews of the Logitech with case and stand are however pretty good as well.

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