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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by bthompson, Oct 28, 2010.

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    After getting an iPad for "work purposes" from my company, (still trying to figure that one out, but okay!) I have been looking for the perfect iPad case. My company bought us the Apple case, and from the beginning I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the simplicity of it and the thin design were all a plus, but the material itself scratched easily, was always dirty and I could never find a good way to hold it. Basically, trying to hold it playing a Angry Birds = fail.

    So I started looking into book style cases, and was immediately drawn to the Book Book by Twelvesouth. While I LOVED the exterior, I was not a fan of the interior straps that hold the iPad in place as well as the zippers, too much like an old world Trapper Keeper.

    So I had a few more options: the DodoCase, the Pad and Quill, Treegloo and Portenzo. I wanted a DodoCase (not really sure why, probably just pure lust) but after reading so many reviews about the quality and the corners needing to be replaced, I took them off my list. I liked the Pad and Quill, but felt it looked too bulky and added too much weight. I was VERY intrigued by Treegloo, simply because of the price. However with no reviews out there, I just didn't want to get something that I knew nothing about.

    Enter the Portenzo. After many weeks of searching, I decided on this case, for the style and reported upon quality. While the price was high (I got $6 off so $53 dollars total) I could not be happier. I ordered the case on Monday morning, within three hours I got an email that the case had shipped and I received it Wednesday, incredible!

    The quality is EXCELLENT. The outside of the case is a very nice faux leather texture and it simply looks like a book or notebook on my desk. The leather is definitely fake and not the rich, moist leather on a Moleskine, but it's still nice. The iPad fits snugly into the bamboo case, and I love how you can see the whole front of the iPad, nothing covering up a little bit of the edge. I was surprised by how light the case is empty, which is a plus. Don't get me wrong, the whole package is heavier than what I am used to, but I think in a few days, I won't even realize it. Build quality is very good as well, one corner of mine isn't quite flat against the frame but it's not loose and and the whole product feels solid, well built and more expensive that it actually is.

    Overall I would highly recommend this case for those of you looking for something stylish and simple for the iPad.
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    Thanks for the review. I would have to agree with you, I had a dodocase previously and feel the portenzo case is a far superior product. I would have to say my only concern is that I use a third party headphone and not the apple earbuds and have noticed due to the bamboo surrounding the headphone jack, I am not able to use my headphones. Not sure what to do about that. I sent an email to portenzo to ask if there was any future design changes in regards to this issue or the possibility of a custom order.
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    Just had my first business trip with the Portenzo, and while I thought I might miss the slightly smaller size and versatility of the Yoobao Magic case, the Portenzo proved to be a very satisfying alternative. It's beautifully made and a pleasure to use. Having been through a number of other cases, it's my favourite so far.
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    Placed my order this morning, so I hope to see it sometime before next weekend.

    How is the case for typing in landscape mode, anyone mind posting a pic?
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    I'm torn between this and the slim magic too....argh it's a tough choice :-/
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    placed my order yesterday and got confirmation mine shipped today!!! :D:D
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    This is the one drawback of this type of case, and affects them all — Dodocase, Portenzo, the lot. There's very little elevation, and what little there is is not very stable. I stick my iPhone underneath instead to prop it up.
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    I want to get the dodo, but would this be a better option? Overall?
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    That is certainly the prevailing opinion in this forum at the moment, but afaik, nobody has had the Portenzo case long enough to really put it through the paces, so I'd take those opinions with a grain of salt...
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    I first had the apple case, currently i use the macally bookstand. But I have been infatuated with the dodo since I came across it, well re- came across it. Its like a love affair at this point. I just want to make sure that love affair last along time!
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    Thanks for the pic :)

    That angle works for me. When I'm out and about Im using a twelveSouth bookbook and I usually just fold the cover back so it's flat.

    Can't wait, hopefully it ships tomorrow.
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    Portenzo seems to be getting a lot of attention... Great reviews by the previous posters. Has anyone had guts to order the limited ostrich version? Black one is good enough but Ostrich skin looks awesome. I'm just curious. :p
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    I need a case but I have ghost armor on my iPad. Think my iPad plus ghost armor would fit in this case? I don't want to remove the armor but ive read the tight fit of this case and I'm concerned it won't fit at all. Ant input would be great.
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    I doubt it. The fit is exact.
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    I like the look of the stingray one but too afraid to ask how much. LOL
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    It's between 89 and 199. Probably 199 ;) Portenzo is tempting... But, would the next revision iPad change its form (thinner perhaps)?

    I'm keeping my iPad naked for now.
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    Stingray is $199, or at least it was when I asked on October 14.
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    How come I haven't heard of the Stingray option? Does Portenzo have it on their site with pictures?
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    Stingray is listed among other types in the FAQ section. I think it's one of their custom types that of course cost more, but also take a little longer to make and receive.

    Unfortunately, seems I probably won't be seeing my case till next week as it isn't shipping today as I had originally thought or would like it to have. At least that's according to Darin. Blah.
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    Follow this link and scroll all the way down:

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    I have the Portenzo ostrich skin case. It's awesome. Very well made. I also have a Dodocase. I like both. The Dodo is lighter and, just a bit smaller. The Portenzo is more luxurious and seems to have more structural integrity. The Ipad fits very tightly. In fact, the ostrich exterior is so fantastic looking, I just ordered a Piel Frama notebook style with magnetic closure, with the same (ostrich) material. I haven't had either the Dodo or Portenzo for more than a couple of weeks so, I can't comment on durability but, they both appear to be well made.
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    Has anyone tried the case that holds the stylus as well? How much bigger does it make the case? I can't get a good feel of it from the pictures.

    You said the portenzo is heavier that the dodo? Hmm....by how much?
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    I would be interested in hearing the answers to these questions as well.

    I just received my Dodocase, and I'm actually quite pleased with it - no quality issues, and the ipad fits very securely. It does make the ipad considerably larger and heavier than the Apple case, but I think I can live with it. The only problem is how to carry my stylus.
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    Please post back after a couple of weeks and let us know if the corner pads are staying down. My experience is that new corner pads begin to peel up after about 4 days - the pressure that holds the ipad securely in the Dodo pulls the pads downward, and the part of the pad on top of the case eventually pops up.

    Now, if they've fixed that problem with a better adhesive or a better design, I definitely want to know. I stopped using my Dodo when I got my Portenzo case, which I love, but I'd love to have the Dodo replaced if they've fixed this defect in the design.


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