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Poser 5 for Free until September 4th

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 1, 2006.

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    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Poser 5 for Free until September 4th
    Description:: Content Paradise and eFrontier are offering Poser 5 the full program for absolutley free from September 1 til september 4th!
    You will have to register with Content Paradise first http://www.contentparadise.com/p5free

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    I love free stuff,
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    Due to bandwidth limitations I can't download it. :rolleyes:

    Some notes to consider:
    - You have to register, and it asks for a shipping address... but no credit card.
    - It's a download.
    - It's not Universal, but only requires a 500 MHz G4, so I'm hoping for the best.

    Fortunately, it says I'll be able to download it after September 4th for free, so I'm not that concerned.
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    wow, what's with all the free 3D stuff? first bryce, then this? i wonder what's next...
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    I hear Blender's going to be free next :eek: :D

    Actually, is Bryce still free?
    I can't find it free anywhere...
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    Thank you. :)

    I lied- I could find Bryce, just not where to download it. So this is a big help.
    Plus, free stuff is always great. :D
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    This may be a scam

    Has anyhone been able to sucessfully download Poser?
    After 10 hours the download broke, with no way to continue.
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    It paused indefinitely after an hour or so with only 15 % finished.
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    Thanks! I'm downloading it now!
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    Eh, maybe it is a scam to get personal info...but I used MailExpire, and my name is Bill Clinton and my address is 1600 Pennyslvania Ave :D
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    Hehe. This is cool. I'm having fun with Bryce. Thanks for the link. There's nothing quite like staring at a 3D image render for hours.... yay for my iBook G4 :D
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    What's with the "Show Nudity" tick box on the registration page - are we going to get spammed with porn for this? :confused:

    Sheesh 5 K/s download speed. It's like being back on dialup again.
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    FYI, Bryce is free as long as you don't actually want to run it :)

    "NOTE: Bryce 5.0 does not run under Mac OS X Tiger (Mac OS 10.4 and above)."
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    really.... that's interesting because it runs fine on my iBook G4 running tiger.
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    Wow, two kinds of software to download for free. Which one would you recommend? Bryce or Poser? I only need one so what's the easiest to learn? :)
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    Hey - anyone have a coupon code for this place? I was hoping for a discount :D
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    Anonymous Freak

    Some of the model sets have 'anatomically correct' models. So the previews for them show 'nudity'. (Albeit computer rendered nudity.) Some of the more prudish types might not want to be exposed to rendered nudity.
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    Then I'll have to give it a try :) Hopefully, reports that it won't run in Rosetta are also false. But I'm on G4 for now anyway.

    EDIT: Bryce will not launch for me in Tiger (PBG4). It sends me to a page to my serial number... but never says what to DO with said serial number. And clicking the menu bar crashes the app.

    Oh, well, free is free!
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    yah that means i had untill 15mins ago to use this :)

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