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Possible cheap RAM upgrade for my ressurected iMac..

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by VoidSlaad, Dec 18, 2010.

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    Okay, I can get cheap two 512 MB sticks of PC133 SDRAM (actually 3 sticks). I have been googling for quite some time now and I am still not sure as to the compatibility of this RAM. Description is as follows:

    1) There are eight chips on each side of the DIMMS.
    2) Each chip on the modules state they are mt48lc64m4a2 TG...

    What it really boils down to is that I want to know if the modules are low density or not? I know they are Micron chips...
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    Thanks...I was hoping that I was reading the spec sheets on the RAM modules:(...grasping at straws, sort of...dammit, I guess this little iMac G3 700/SE is just going to have to be satisfied with its paltry 256MB RAM module. It is going to be so :mad:
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    I've got a 128mb chip pulled out of an iMac I'll send you for postage cost.
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    It says the bidding is closed...I always found it amusing (frustrating) that obsolete parts can be so damned hard to find at reasonable prices close enough to home. There is a Goodwill Computers in my area, Pittsburgh, that sells them around $40 a module:eek:...and they are a non-profit that gets all of their components donated to them! They told me it is because they test their RAM in a tester, and since the tester was expensive (among other costs), it helps offset their cost. Still, it just seems steep to me...
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    Furthermore, this iMac cost me $40...I am not going to pay more for a single upgrade than I paid for the machine as a whole unless the upgrade can be removed and placed into another (read: more up-to-date) machine. I could see putting an SSD or something similar, or if I feel particularly adventurous maybe some heavy jury-rigging/custom circuit fabbing just for the hell of it (maybe create some kind of upgrade card)...but that is extreme and unlikely...
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    This seller has more auctions with similar Micron sticks in close price. He also has iMac G3 listed so he could test sticks for you. Contact him if you find this price reasonable.
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    Just send me two bucks and at least you'll have 384mb in there. I wouldn't even run Panther on 256mb. Also the SSD idea would be very good for you. I'd go Tiger if I were you, btw. P.S. Did I ever mention how many iMac g3's I've owned? I'd say on the order of 15 machines. 233, 266 333 350 400 450 mhz 500, 600mhz.

    Every one except yours. Treat it well, I'd upgrade it to the max and have fun with it.

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