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Possible Photos of Second-Generation iPad Mini Rear Shell Surface

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Mobiles Pie points to a forum thread [Google translation] at Chinese site WeiPhone sharing a number of photos of what may be the rear shell of the second-generation iPad mini.

    The photos show a shell very similar to that of the current iPad mini, although from some angles it does appear to be slightly thicker. It is difficult to tell, however, whether the apparent increased thickness is a genuine design change needed to add a Retina display and accompanying battery improvements to the device or if it is simply a bit of an optical illusion due to the fact that the edges of the shell have not yet been chamfered as they are in the final product.

    The photos also show a bright blue Apple logo and "iPad" text on the rear shell, but it is possible that this is simply part of the process used to create the mirrored logo and text as seen on the current product. Alternatively, it may be an effort to add additional color to the iPad mini as Apple did with the iPod touch last September and has been rumored to be using for an upcoming lower-cost iPhone.

    Perhaps notably, the forum user who posted the images had posted back in December [Google translation] sharing images of what he said was the initial machining process for the iPad mini rear shell. Their legitimacy is, however, unconfirmed.

    Update 12:24 PM: Nowhereelse.fr has taken a close look [Google translation] at the two photo sets from December and this week, noting in both sets the presence of boxes labeled "Catcher", which is indeed one of Apple's primary casing suppliers. The site believes, however, that the latest batch of photos is of the current iPad mini rather than a second-generation model.

    Article Link: Possible Photos of Second-Generation iPad Mini Rear Shell Surface
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    Could be?
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    Clearly the iPhone Math.
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    Thicker is fine if it has retina :)
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    Those pictures are too clear. If they are not blurry then they are not legit!
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    My guess is original shell from the 1st gen. They decided to do the same edge as iPhone 5 and moved away from full rounded edge.
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    How am I going to wrap that around my wrist?
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    A new iPad mini?! But I just bought mine last November and it won't work anymore when the iPad mini 2 will be available! Let's sue Apple for updating products!
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    That's definitely going to make the first iPad mini obsolete.
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    Slightly thicker and heavier? Brace yourselves, the angry mob is comming
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    Instead of diff color shells just diff color logos?
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    Retina dislay and faster processor may be the breaking point to me getting an iPad mini. :apple::apple:
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    It says ipad on it therefore it must be the iPhone math. :p
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    if its thicker could be one of those replicas ?
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    Hopefully these are the first signs of a Retina iPad mini. That would turn a good product into a great product.
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    They're always here lol
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    No it's not!!! Then it's not the iPad MINI anymore! The great thing about the mini was it's size and weight. When you add a retina display you need more CPU = bigger battery = more size and weight.

    If the iPad Mini retina is heavier than the current mini, I'll be picking up the current model.


    Which will make it larger and heavier. So why not get a full sized ipad?
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    Oh my! Quick guys! Sell your iPad mini! This is clear proof we have an exceptionally amazing new one coming in two or three weeks!
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    I'm guessing they're first generation pre-production if anything, not second.
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    No thanks.

    I like my iPads big. Any smaller and I might as well use my phone.

    Although I don't personally like it, I do see the appeal for some and certainly from a business perspective.
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    Looks like Brazil has to add one more product to that lawsuit

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