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possible to convert DVD at highest quality, but still play on ipods?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mdwsta4, Jan 8, 2009.

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    in the past i simply used handbrake or isquint's ipod/iphone conversion to compress DVDs onto my computer and view them on my ipod or iphone. however, more recently i've been using my MBP to stream videos and whatnot on my TV. since joining netflix i've also converted 2 or 3 DVDs onto my laptop at the highest quality possible for TV viewing.
    unfortunately, it seems as though i still need to convert the video again for ipod/iphone use. am I missing something? Is there a way to convert a video once, but have it be compatible with an ipod or iphone while still maintaining the best quality to watch on the full screen?

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    Use HandBrake - and use the 'Apple Universal' preset; it'll give you great quality for the TV as well as working on the iPhone and iPods.
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    where is that option? i don't see that in the list?

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    Update to the latest version of HandBrake - the developers included it in the latest build.
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    "HandBrake 0.9.3/2008112300 is currently the newest version available."

    is it not a direct option in that list?

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    If you're using the latest version of Handbrake, click the gear icon in the presets bar and select "Update Built-In Presets".
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    gotcha. found it. thanks!

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    TwinCities Dan

    :eek: Damn, I just ripped a few movies using the "Apple TV Preset" because I wanted it to be the best possible quality on my tv. Now I realize this prevents me from putting it on my Touch.

    The only thing I see different between the presets is that the "Large File Size" box isn't checked. How much of a difference does that really do? Obviously larger is better quality. Is it really noticeable on a larger tv? I take it that everybody does the universal in order to prevent duplicate files, right? :confused:
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    What works for me is using iPod High Rez settings and upping the bit rate to 2500. This is maximum for the iPhone and it gives DVD quality on the Apple TV. No need for 2 files. It also lets you have 5.1 and 2.0. Great setting.
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    The key differences lie in the advanced x264 options used... for example, the AppleTV preset uses b-frames, which is what makes it incompatible with iPod/iPhones. The Universal preset is very similar to the AppleTV one, except it does not make use of the advanced features that cause incompatibilities; you should use it if you want to playback on multiple Apple devices.
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    Out of interest - what quality improvement do B frames provide and will it be noticable/worth it?
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    One question?

    How can people set Constant Quality: 62% ??

    The slider only goes from RF: 51 to RF:0 ?
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    RF != %, Handbrake used to show both, it doesn't since the last update.

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