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Possible to install Lion on SD card? for 2012 MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Wicked1, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Ok so here is a stupid question, can you install Lion on an other media other than the internal 128ssd that came in my 2012 13" MBA?

    I was looking at OWC 240GB ssd and it is still slightly more expensive, then I found one of my 64GB SDxc cards and thought maybe it is possible to load Mountain Lion on there, but prefer to keep Lion as my internal drive.

    Has anyone done this with success? If not I may just use an external drive for my ML drive?

    If you have any other ideas I am all ears :)
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    SD cards are too slow for use as a system drive. Better use one for data.
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    Crazy idea: Why not take the internal SSD, a 64GB MicroSD card, and a Nifty Drive and make a MBA FUSION DRIVE? It'd work just like on the iMac/mini; SSD is faster so it gets priority, with the MicroSD as extra storage. Just a fun thought... :D
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    The horror that must happen if you accidentally or otherwise suddenly remove the SD-card :)
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    True, but that's the point of using the Nifty Drive - it's only removable with a tool. :D
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    SDHC cards are fairly slow and don't have wear leveling or caching like SSDs do. Much slower than the stock internal 4200rpm drive in older MBPs'.
  7. js81, Dec 4, 2012
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    Best ones look to be in the 30MB/s range in read and write, so yeah, you're probably right. Probably wouldn't fusion them, but as supplemental storage, they'd probably be OK. Still researching reliability...

    EDIT: Not a definitive answer, but check out the "answer" to this posting... Seems wear-leveling might actually be part of the SD equation...
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    Oh yes I'm a backer on that project and eagerly waiting for mine. But still it feels like you shouldn't try fusion on this. Replacing the card (say once 128GB microSD gets released) would possibly lead to having to reinstall the OS.

    Better just make some folders called "pictures", "music" or/and "videos" on it and leave it at some simple manual sorting :)

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