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Possible to Xcode Interfacing Speakers (Audio)? Guitar Amp

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by umagrama, Jul 1, 2009.

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    I am researching to write a simple program using Xcode but it seems that there isn't much out there for Xcoders. This forum seems promising. I've never programmed anything on a Mac and thought to give it a try since I won't touch Windows no more.

    Anyway, I've studied a lot of programming years ago while getting my electrical engineering degree and I feel the most comfortable using C++. I should be able to pull it off.

    Without further ado here's my proposal:

    Program Description: work as a simple guitar amp. It will take the analog sound of a guitar through the microphone input and output it through the speakers.

    Input: MIC port

    Output: Speakers (audio)

    Concerns: signal processing time (delay)

    Okay... I hope it is as simple as it seems to be, which is usually never the case, yea...

    Any comments are appreciated.

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    I don't know how useful C++ will be, considering you're going to have to grab mic data (that might involve Cocoa, I'm not sure though). OpenAL would be my first choice for sound output.

    I have some EE knowledge, but I'm not quite sure, guitar amps are supposed to boost the bass of the signal, right? If so, you'd need to implement a software EQ or at the least a low-pass filter.

    This does not sound simple :p:D;).
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    aye, guitar amps have a huge effect on the guitar tone, you can download a demo of guitar rig 3 from the native instruments website and mess around with adding in different components and hear the effect that it has on your signal. an unprocessed sound is very lacking, using an amp simulator without a speaker sim gives a very fizzy and rough sound as guitar speaker cabinets also effect the sound.

    it has the potential to be a very interesting project, but to get something that sounds good will be haaaaard!
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    Thanks for the comments guys... I got my situation solved easily with Garage Band. I wasn't aware that it worked as an amplifier as well. I've used GarageBand before and thought it only recorded and played back, if you turn on one of the features you can actually hear what you're playing. Very cool!

    At first I had a 1/2 second delay and i thought that was normal but then something happened that the delay disappeared and it works great now! Plus Garabe Band has a 'virtual peddle' that you can set distortion, echoes, flanges... man.. this thing is awesome! Much better than any amp, you have everything there!

    Not to mention all the effects and instruments you can add... no wonder why Apple's got the best of every world.
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    Hey, if you feel like it, you can make your own Audio Unit. That way you can test out whatever signal processing ideas you want without having to rewrite everything else that garageband does for you.

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