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Post a Picture of Your Boat!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by rkolsen, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Well, I will start off, it is a Catalina 27, named Question of Balance. A person from Baltimore, with a sailboat, how original LOL. People from Annapolis will understand that. It's actually my fathers boat, he wants to go down there every time he gets, I enjoy the boat, just not as much as he does.


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    Atomic Four, Universal Diesel or Petter Diesel?
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    This one is called the African Queen - its at Lincoln in UK. Its not mine by the way.

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    This is Nimrod, a Jeanneau Sun Fast 35 that I skipper.




    Many more at www.teamnimrod.com
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    Not personally mine, but my aunts. I do drive it a lot though...:


    17' Starcraft. Fast boat.

    Here's me looking rather dorky in it.

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    mine :)

    I wish!

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    Holy crap dude, that's a big arse boat! Good for you :)

    Edit: Ahh, I see - the infamous white text.....very original.
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    Bad image, obviously not my exact boat, but it's a Cal 25. It's great fun, but we're thinking of selling it.
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    When we going yachting, then? :)
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    Thought you'd like the colour.

    The Owl and the Puss y cat went to sea
    In a beautiful pea green boat,
    They took some honey, and plenty of money,
    Wrapped up in a five pound note.
    The Owl looked up to the stars above,
    And sang to a small guitar,
    'O lovely Puss y! O Puss y my love,
    What a beautiful Puss y you are,
    You are, You are!
    What a beautiful Puss y you are!
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    Bought on eBay, still waiting for attention....

    She's mighty yar.


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    el boat-o.

    we sold ours when we moved from california...:(
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    The boat itself isn't mine, and I no longer cox for them, but this was "my boat." Taken at the San Diego Crew Classic.

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    Yarrr! This be thine.

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    So here's my family's boat. We take it out almost every weekend. Being in South Louisiana we have mostly loud power boats, sail boats pretty much don't exist.:p
    Gas=very bad!

    -25' Crownline w/cabin
    -30' Fountain (sold)

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    i think mines better, we should have a race and see who wins :p :rolleyes:
    (wow i think i need to step away from the computer before i got nuts; i'm spending way too long editing photos :eek: )

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    He's single, he has another yacht which he gave to his sister. His sister, her family, and his mother live on his family compound.
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    "Pirates, we don't just steal music!"
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    if that's yours, then this is most certainly mine! white text also applies here:D


    Behold, the wallypower 118.
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    Wally build some neat boats.
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    They used this in the movie The Island, nice boat.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I just got my new boat on Friday! Starcraft Elite 246 RE - 24' Party Barge :D


    My old boat can be seen next to it (the red canoe)


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