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Post A Picture Of Your Cell Phone!

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by snackcakeofd00m, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Yes please post pictures of your cell phone in this thread. Sorry I do not have a cell phone to post and I would like to see yours because I am in the market for one, so I would like to see what you got! Please no "this thread is useless without pictures" instead of wasting your time like that take a picture of your cell phone and put it in this thread.
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    I don't have an actual picture of my phone, but here's one from the internet. It's a Motorola V265 (Verizon).

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    Motorola V3c Razr with verizon service

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    no pics yet, but here is my phone

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    mine mot e815 with verizon, i'm still looking for a BT headset, any suggestions ;)

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    Okay, wtf is this phone?!? I must have it. :D :cool:
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    After G

    That is a cool phone. Is it a V3i?
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    I have that one as well :)
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    I have an old SE T610 that I bought used on eBay. It works great and was dirt cheap. All I need is a phone that is a phone, I got enough other gadgets to do everything else. Why would I need a crappy lensed camera when I've invested enough in real cameras over the years.

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    Mine :) I have no complaints, i love it.


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    I second! Sooo....Cooollll.....*Drooollll*
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    This is mine.

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    Here's my phone:
    motorolaa v551.jpg
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    ohh posting manufacturers pictures of our phones, couldn't we just have a peeing contest instead??
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    Heres mine:
    Nokia 6100
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    Samsung a970

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    Treo 650. I LOVE it. Service is thru Cingular whom I'm also happy with.
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    Moto L6 - thinner than the SLVR but without the music player stuff. Really nice phone - I like it a lot.
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    Mine is a Nokia 3660, it's a big piece of junk that shuts itself off randomly. I hate it...


    Time to shop for a new phone. :eek:
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    That one is working for me
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    OK I'm bored but not this bored, this is ridiculous :rolleyes:

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