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Post a picture of your sports memorabilia.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Avizzv92, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Post a picture of your favorite/valuable sports memorabilia!

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    I used to be big into sports memorabilia back in high school and left it all at my moms house when I left for college so I don't have any pictures. But, my most valuable piece would be a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Duke Snyder.
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    Oranges from the Aud in Buffalo
    Blues from the Aud
    Exit sign from the Aud

    You can see on the right of the exit sign I have about 40 tickets stubs from various games from the 70's. I have the first Sabres media guide signed by the team and all the following yearbooks up until 83-84. Team calendars from 73-81. Some French Connection bobble heads. A letter from the teams Comptroller from 1970 with a promotional decal, some early 70's Sabres cards, random game programs from 71-86 and cushioned folding chair that was from the Sabres locker room. There's a few things I'm missing but that's the big stuff.
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    That is a really nice collection of items.

    I only have a signed football from the current Liverpool FC squad

    Photo 141.jpg
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    Weak. Nobody likes the pens... I'll put you to shame with what I have.
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    I'm no Pens fan but since Lemieux is a fellow Canadian i'll give you a thumbs up! :D Sweet jersey!
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    I have a signed Rod Steward ball that I got a couple of years back. How much is it worth? :D
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    Apple OC

    Here is a Mint Hockey Card from 1959 ...

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    I bet ya Surely would pay big money for that card :D
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    Here's a Gordie Howe autographed Houston Aeros pennant.

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    47th Annual AutoZone Liberty Bowl FootBall

    Believe it or not, I found this ball and I was wondering if anyone could give me information or history about this football. The Teams are Fresno State & The University Of Tulsa. The game was played December 31, 2005.

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    This my football team, Man U, been following them since 1977. Since working with the British military.

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    Wow! Your really a true fan. I found the ball while fishing. I was going to leave it at first but I had a second thought saying "if i didn't catch a fish, I wouldn't leave here empty handed because I did catch this ball." Lol.
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    Nice sports pictures.
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    Have you had it appraised?
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    Do you think its worth having it appraised? I thought it was just a souvenir someone acquired from that game.

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