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Post anything musical; Instruments etc.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by MattyK, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Post your instruments, if its your voice, then do whatever :p
    I'll start off with my guitars.
    Maton MS2000 DLX (being custom made as I type this; in honey with wood underlay w/ double hum-bucker pickups w/ coiltap & mother of pearl fret inlays. )
    Greg Bennett acoustic.
    Fender strat - First guitar.
    Pearl Drum kit 2nd hand for $250 :|
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    I don't have a digital camera, but google is cool too.

    My Yanagisawa A991 Alto Saxophone - Black Lacquer. This is my baby, and I would die if anything happened to it.


    Yamaha 4-string electric violin

    ESP LTD Viper 110 I think? It was really cheap because I'm just learning
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    I am still learning, 33 years later! ;) Here's my Viper (LTD 301, dual EMG-HZs)

    I put the strap button on the horn so it would balance more like a strat/tele. Some of the ESP/LTD 200 Viper series guitars had the button on the horn, but then moved it to the back of the guitar where all the rest of the Vipers have theirs.

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    I just checked out the Maton Australia site. That's a really cool guitar.
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    And now, from the electronic side of things, here are a few of my instruments.

    First, the Roland XP-10, my main controller:

    The Yamaha AN-200, a "virtual analog" desktop module:

    And the Roland JV-880, a rack-mount synth module.

    The AN-200 and JV-880 don't see much action anymore, though; the majority of my sound comes from software synthesizers nowadays. I control them with the XP-10 and a M-Audio O2 USB/MIDI controller.
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    Roland RD-300SX

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    I picked up one of these a while ago, and I love it! I really love the weighted keys compared to the previous keyboard I had.

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    Here's a couple of unfinished pages to a score of mine.

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    A few favourite bits of kit.
    Roland R-8 drum machine and E-Mu ESI-32 (fully specced)

    Sirkut Electronics Synth Noise Box

    Some FX pedals

    Some more

    The inside of the Wah...

    I have some more FX pedals somewhere, plus a couple of basses and guitars...
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    I agree, guitars are not musical, they are just noise making implements for idiots. Either that, or all musical instruments should be renamed "guitar" to simply things a bit.:p
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    Triangle, I really hate these, my 3 year old daughters got one and no musical talent at all, usual whilst i'm watching tv :mad:

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    very, very nice

    does it have touch sensitive keys?

    i always wanted something like that and currently i have a casio keyboard with full sized keys but no touch sensitivity but it can still do a lot
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    I have 5, so where do I stand :p

    Duplicate (picture) posts are annoying :)
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    I don't care, show me the goods ;)

    My two are the Ibanez artcore hollowbody AS-73, ultra low budget but nice, and the esp/ltd I posted above.

    My keyboard is a Casio CZ-1000, but an older model I can't find a picture of but my mom has it now and lost it a few years back. What's weird is how fast the keyboard market changes, so the CZ-1000 is considered a "vintage" synth. Mine does not have MIDI and must be very vintage.

    keyboard, but newer model, below:


    Ibanez artcore AS-73

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    This is my 1976 Fender Bass. This lasted me through my last band that toured the US several times. I'm still using it for my current band (which is just a studio band for now).

    I love this bass and will never sell it. By the way, everything on it is original except for the pick guard (and strings obviously).



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    Suzuki SS-100... makes me happy.:)

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    Thanks. Yes, it does have touch-sensitive and weighted keys. Roland uses an actual physical hammer instead of springs for its action. The current model equivalent is the RD-300 GX.
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    Yamaha PSR 520. Got it for 50, cost ~$650 new though.

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    Absolutely beautiful guitar


    My first guitar. I worked all summer to save up my money and decided on starting to learn how to play guitar.

    Black and White 2007 Fender Mexican Strat

    Awesome first guitar
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    How many "Post your musical stuff" threads do we really need here?

    I have one word for you: Sibelius. :p (I know, I know, it's not cheap :()
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    Pacific CXR Series Red Sparkle, I've got it set as a four piece using the 24x18" Bass, 12x8" Tom, and 14x12" Tom.
    Pork Pie Piglite Amber Snare, 13x7"
    My 13" A Custom Mastersound hats.
    My 18" A Custom Projection Crash
    My Keystudio.

    That's pretty much what I use, not counting my old Casio keyboard and Logic Express.
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    I own Finale.
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    wow, thanks...my wife painted it

    we usually paint skateboards and clothing as that's what we do for work but thought a guitar would be fun in the same motif

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