Post-Gay? Huh What?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Cindynjgirl79, Jun 7, 2007.

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    So I saw this articleon I do love Mika's music, and with him taking a stand about labels. I just like him a little bit more now.

    So there is a thing called "Post-Gay". I didn't have a clue what it was. Never heard of it.

    Then today Perez posted the definition of it today. So now I know what it is now. My best friend is post-gay, I just didn't know that he was. We just always called him a straight-gay. So what do you think of this new definition?
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    I just call them people, who they love is none of my business, and I try not to define people by what they do. Post-Gay is just a meaningless label, most likely aimed at creating a marketing segment for "trendy" companies to exploit.
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    are you gay? (< that was meant to be a serious inquiry) you seem to post a lot of gay-related threads lately. yes, you are new to the scene and talk of the town, but be careful girl you might get surrounded by the mods. omg girl that stuff dont belong here. :wink:
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    Of course Mika is gay. Sounds like he doesn't want to be labeled, maybe he is bi. Either way it sounds like he's taking the Elton John approach.
    ...and it's an Out magazine review.:rolleyes:
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    Post-Gay...that is so FABULOUS. I like it, it's a keeper.
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    eh if the mods don't like what i'm posting i think they would let me know right? i try not to offend anyone, be mean to anyone, or put people down for their opinions. when i'm on here i play by the rules. trust me i love this place to much to do anything to get me band.

    as for posting a lot of gay related threads, it's what i find that day. the other day i posted about the baby robot. anything that i find interesting i post. gay or not gay themed.

    as for me being gay............:D

    ha ha ha really? talk of the town?!?! to funny! what have u heard? tell me everything!

    yeah i know i'm n00b:( trust me i'm trying not to be.
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    To me, post-gay would mean somebody who's no longer gay. Perhaps a better term for the definition provided in the link would be "gay his/her way." Or maybe "paragay"
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    You just keep on keeping on. :)
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    Maybe that's the new popular term for us in Latin America. :D

    En México, Yo soy solo para gueys. :p
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    Perhaps he thinks the word gay belongs to the latter half of the 1900s and it's time to move on from a word with such strong connotations.

    Personally I've always hated the word lover when used by gays. It always seemed so 70s. Yuck!
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    Is this anything like metrosexual, or is it like, the opposite?
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    The problem with saying you're metrosexual (at least online) is that some guys will get confused and think you like girls. But if you say you're "straight-acting" then some people take offense at that. So post-gay is like metrosexual for straight-acting gay guys. :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    yeah i think that is what they are trying to say.....i think:confused:
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    I'm post-interested in what this Perez Hilton loser has to say.
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    Heh. I had to read that a few times. Time for bed I guess.
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    I trolled for 3 years, never any mod attention, I clean up my act and I get banned for three days. Go figure.
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    Post-gay, pre-gay, who cares. He looks a right idiot that's all I know.
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    Why there's a need for a new label is anyone's guess, but it is true that as more and more gay people have come out of the closet the stereotypes about us have become less valid. In previous generations us "post-gay" ( :rolleyes: ) types possibly never would have come out at all, due to feeling disconnected with the idea of what a homosexual was presented as.

    The gay scene and press are slowly catching on to this. Gay people don't just spend their time shopping and can actually listen to music other than hardcore dance or boybands. There's more recognition that sexuality isn't the one thing that defines us. We're just people, and as different from each other as the straights are.

    It's a nice time to be gay. Hopefully it will continue to move in this direction until the one thing that is different doesn't matter at all.
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    Well said. :)
    There is a lot about Gay culture I cannot find any connection with — kindof confusing sometimes if people expect you to live up to the stereotypes…

    How often have I heard… "I would never have known you were gay…" Errm well yeah. :rolleyes: Not all gay men are Graham Norton clones. :p
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    Well said:) , it is a nice time to be gay. I'm muslim, transgendered and proud to be so, the world is moving on. People are people, everything else is irrelevent.
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    when cleaning up, remember to wipe front to back.
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    I find that definition funny. :) Especially since Mika has a song called "Grace Kelly". And he doesn't relate to gay culture? ;) While I get the "labels" thing, I still think he's avoiding saying anything due to career interests.
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    I do like girls.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. Honestly, do we read anything somewhat beneficial and insightful anymore or just worry about perez and paris hilton?:mad:

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