Post in here if you're looking forward to Lion!

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by joelovesapple, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Well, the time has come: a new version of OS X is around the corner.

    How many of you are excited about what Lion has to offer? Also, please tell me why you're looking forward to it! I thought it would be a good idea to make this thread instead of having peoples' thoughts all in different places.

    If you're not looking forward to it, then feel free to contribute to all of the 'I am not impressed' threads.

    I'm looking forward to the enhanced multi-touch support - should be great for trackpad users wanting to get the most out of their hardware. I'm not so sure about Full screen though - some websites will look stupid stretched out if you've got a big monitor like I have.

    Versions sounds like a useful thing to have, same with Autosave and Resume. Plus the other 240 new features which weren't demoed :) .

    So, tell me your thoughts!
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    I'm looking forward to TRIM support for Intel and OCZ drives.
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    There's unfortunately no indication that that is coming with Lion.
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    Hence 'looking forward'

    (apple really deserves a slap to the face for not already fully supporting TRIM)
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    I'm looking forward to it. My mind is not going to be blown, but I am sure I will like this upgrade.
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    I'm excited. I have butterflies for it!

    I'm not too impressed by Lanchpad though... the Dock and Spotlight are perfect for finding apps! No need for it in my opinion.

    I'm looking forward to Mission Control though! Looks amazing.

    I'm a heavy Mail user, to the new version is another thing I'm excited for!

    Then again, I get excited about anything Apple do...!

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    Great responses everyone!

    Just noticed this under the Preview improvements section:

    iWork and Office document support
    Open, search, and print iWork documents and most Microsoft Office documents using Preview.

    Publisher? :D Haha...

    I forgot to add that I'm also looking forward to the signature adding feature which comes into play when you hold up a copy of it to your iSight. Great for my job application covering letters! :)
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    I'm very excited.

    I like all the smaller things, such as the disappearing scrollbars, the ability to group files into folders, etc...

    But I also thing that navigating Mission Control with gestures will entirely change the way I use my computer, hopefully in a positive way!

    The new iCal and Mail are cool too, I will use them a lot so this is important.

    I love the recovery partition too. It's super useful and apparently you can even browse the web from it!

    Overall I like the whole thing. I got my Mac with Leopard back in 2008, and Snow Leopard didn't bring many new things, so this will be the first time I will have a new Mac experience basically.
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    I am looking forward to the enhanced security that it will offer, the current version of FileVault is ... utter crap.
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    I'm looking forward to not having to shut down all my applications and start over from scratch when I reboot. :) Also, looking forward to turning my 2010 Mac mini into a server.
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    That's a point... I've never had any luck with it either!
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    I'm looking forward to it although there isn't anything that is compelling to me...I just need new shiny
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    Know the feeling... I just can't wait and now Snow Leopard seems ancient by comparison!

    When do you reckon in July it'll be out?
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    Probably mid July, I would think they would announce the date soon. I hope their servers can handle everyone trying to download it on launch day! Maybe it will be like Steam where you can download it in advance :D
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    I think they got those server farms for good reason! Or datacenters as Steve put it.

    I hope they've tested them first!
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    I'm defiantly lookin forward

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