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Post pic to instagram

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by MACloop, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I would like to dot this:
    - a user can pick an image within my app
    - this pic is saved as a NSData object or something like that
    - the data is sent to the users own intagram account/timeline or what ever it might be called

    Is this possible? Are there any proper tools for this? Framework? I have implemented so far as is the image saved as data when a button is pushed. As I understand, the UIDocumentInteractionController should be used to send the document/pic to instagram...

    Is it possible to detect a long tounch on a button... like when the user stays longer on the button than just a click?

    Thanks for any advices on this issue!
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    Thanks I have seen that. It didnt cover how to actually save/copy the image within the app in a proper way...
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    It's a generic webservices API. It's up to you to interact with it correctly and that includes proving the image in the correct format. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty instead of just relying on ready-made solutions.
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    ok, I just thought if someone might have experiences with it, they could give me some tips. But it doesnt seem like that, so I guess i implement it the way i figure might be the best. thanks anyway

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