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post pics of apple's 5th ave retail store

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by count chocula, May 19, 2006.

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    count chocula

    especially those of you who are lucky/devoted enough to have visited already
  2. jsw
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    I think you'll find all you need here.
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    Hey, that's my thread! :D
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    WOW, it was packed in there...How the hell do you see the computer when 300 people are in front of it....Jobs probably got trampled in the crowd, that's why u didn't see him...:D
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    Were there prizes like the sometimes do? Free Powerbook or that?
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    They gave away free MacBooks (middle model). They gave each one away every hour. I have a video of the winner that got the MacBook for the 7-8pm drawing. I'll post it later though since I have to compress the videos. I also have a video of me entering and leaving the store with tons of people cheering! :D So much fun!
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    I wish the Gateway store was opening again for the first time lol. That was fun, they cheered shouted and greeted us at the door. It was so neat and so fun. My mom was amazed at the products Apple had.
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    If you go to Apple's 5th Ave Store Site here you might be able to see yourself. (If you have QuickTime Pro you can do a "Save as source" and view it frame-by-frame on your desktop).

    I was in a few shots in the "19:00" section. The time-lapse camera was covered in plastic and there was a plastic tent that had two people and a Mac laptop inside. It was cool :D

    I'm the one in the green jacket with the hat on :)

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    Great Pics Limeibook!

    I wish I could have been there!
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    Thanks for the compliment! :D Maybe next time you can tag along, haha :p

    EDIT: Bah...had to take the photos down, .Mac sent me an e-mail saying that 75% of my bandwidth was eaten up...and that was just this week! :eek:
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    I thought this guy was funny. It was taken from the time-lapse images of the first 24 hours.



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    count chocula

    supersnake2012, i saw your thread. those pics are great :cool:
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    Dont you mean Apple store? o.o
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    So we're all dying to know if Uschi Lang say yes... CAN'T APPLE TELL US? They should do something like this "Uschi Lang, now what will you chose, a BRAND NEW MACBOOK + 50 IPODS or the guy" of course if she chose the guy she'll get the Macbook too [maybe not the 50 iPods] :p

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