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Post pics of your ikea jonas desk

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Gleadr, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Hey I am interested in buying the ikea jonas desk and I wanted to see what they look like with macs on them please post your pics if you have any
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    you shouldn't open a thread about that omg..
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    Why not I see nothing wrong about this thread please don't post if you have nothing legitimate to say about the topic
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    To get an idea, you could just copy/paste a jpeg of a Mac onto one of the desks shown at ikea.com in a photo editor. Wouldn't that give you enough of an idea?

    If you're worried that the desks might be the wrong size, you should explain what type of Mac you have in mind or just compare dimensions.
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    based on the above pictures.. it looks pretty bad.. lol
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    I have a Jonas and absolutely love it. Took little time and effort to build and currently has my iMac and Powerbook G4's on it with plenty of room to spare. I'd highly reccomend it, you can't beat that pricetag.

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