Post pictures of your musical instruments!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by phreakout13, Feb 26, 2005.

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    I thought it would be cool to see what kinds of musical instruments MacRumors people played, so please post pictures of your instruments and setups n' such:) I'll have to post pics of my guitars tomorrow when I can get my camera, but I'd love to see yours:)
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    I like this thread. :)

    I'll post my Martin, American Fender, and other acoustics tomorrow.

    (I'll edit them into this post.) ;)
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    ahh excellent idea. I'll get the ball rolling. My 2 epiphone les pauls. Their older pictures though as my black les paul now has a white apple sticker on it :)

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    I couldn't resist. :D

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    ltd viper

    a moderately priced electric guitar with two passive emg hz pickups, black hardware, and an all mahogany, set neck construction

    the viper series starts with a $300 dollar model (viper 50) with non emg passive pickups and a bolt on maple neck all the way up to an esp custom shop $3000+ model which can be made any way you order it including real abolone inlay and active emg 81 pickups

    my model is the discontinued viper 301 and has the body of the viper 400 series and the electronics of the viper 200 series and cost me $519.00 dollars ($649.00 list price) at the time in 2001

    if money were no object, i would buy two gibson PAF dual creme humbuckers from a vintage dealer and have the esp custom shop build the viper guitar from honduras mahogany with a brazilian rosewood fingerboard...the total cost would easily exceed $5000 dollars and it would be a dream guitar

    oddly enough though, it probably wouldn't play any different than a standard viper for much less and its sound would only be subtlely different than the $300.00 viper with passive, non emg pickups

    a great vintage or collectable guitar is like an old vintage may not work as good/accurately as a cheaper quartz watch, but its rarity and uniqueness add an aura of value to it that perhaps very few people understand...and if you are one of the people who understand it, then it makes it all worth it

    i notice a lot of players here, and prolly everywhere, use fender stratocasters...if i had a few thousand, i would love to have fender's custom shop build me a one of a kind stratocaster
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    Before I post a pic of my drum kit I need to buy some better cymbals.
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    Hmm, I play a custom PRS... No pics though. You should have posted this 3 days ago so I could take a pic of my brothers Bourgeouis prototype acoustic guitar. Worth $6000 and would have let me look uber cool :)

    Oh yeah, I have a Schnabl viola made especially for me in Germany, a Fender mandolin (cheap as hell), a cheap acoustic, a King trumpet, and some unnamed 12-string.

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    I didn't know that Fender made Mandolins.
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    besides electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and the mandolin, fender also makes a dobro slide guitar which is pretty cool and affordable

    ...not to mention that they own sun amplification, guild guitars, and many other companies...fender is kind of like microsoft
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    Yep, they are. Cheap stuff that gives an ok sound for people to learn with. Fender banjos are actually a steal for the sound that they give if you are a novice.

    I wish I had an old school Guild, they don't sound like they should now... go figure.

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    I've posted these photos in another thread, but they seem relevant here, too.

    M-Audio Keystation 49e
    Roland V-Tour TD-6S electronic drum set
    Hohner chromatic accordion (c-system, 120 bass)

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    here's my gear. i have an awesome all tube sovtek mig 50 head, a 10" marshall cab with celestions, a fender strat, and an old hohner acoustic. the guitars aren't that great, but the amp certainly is.

    EDIT: oops, that's not my hohner acoustic. that's my sister's nicer takamine.

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    I play a gibson gothic explorer
    and you can see my peavey 5150 combo behind the bassist :)

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    Kay, I got some pics.
    Sorry the acoustic is kinda blurry, it's a 70s Martin D-18. There is also a 73 Gibson SG, a 90s Japanese Strat, and an early 50s Gibson L5. I'm still 15 and since I live with my parents and sister, we all share these, although the Strat is my sister's and the SG is mine. I usually play that, the Martin, or the L5. We also have tons of harmonicas and ukuleles (my dad's) and other instruments laying around.
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    hey phreakout, that is a great selection of guitars!

    you have all the bases covered...jazz, single coil, humbucker, and acoustic
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    takeovers, and thus lower quality, remind me of car companies, too

    i have an old school volvo...super tough and reliable

    but now that the giant ford motor company has taken them over, the quality has gone down...but i would still rather have one of those than most ford models
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    good GOD man! I have.. get ready for this.. the exact same setup!!! i am frightened by your excellent choice in gear.
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    Here's my Warwick Thumb 5-string, there's a pic of me playing it in the Members Pic thread, but it's not too clear.

    I use an Ampeg SVT 3 head and an Ampeg 8x10 cab.

    The othr pic is my real instrument now.... I make more music with the studio than I do with the bass... :D

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    iPlay the iPod.
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    Here's a picture of my Schreiber S91 bassoon :cool:

    I don't have a digi-cam, so this one's not mine specifically...

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  21. slu
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    My "Studio"

    I kinda have a makeshift studio in my basement. It includes:

    60's Rogers Drum Kit
    Gibson Les Paul Studio
    Fender Squire Bass
    Washburn Bass (not pictured)
    Fender Electric/Acoustic
    Martin Electric Acoustic
    Cheap Ibanez Acoustic (Beach Guitar - Not Pictured)
    Cheap Epiphone Acoutic (Not Pictured)
    Epiphone Les Paul 100 (not pictured)
    Yahama Electronic Drum Kit
    Fostex VF08 Digital 8 Track Recorder
    Marshall JSM 2000 Tube Amp
    Fender Deluxe 90 Amp
    Cheap 5 Track Mixer

    And here are the pics. It is a bit messy since we did some jamming on Friday Night!

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    My baby - the Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Cherry Cherryburst:


    That's not my actual guitar but I don't have a picture of it on my comp.
    It's absolutely gorgeous. :cool:
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    doh I wish I had a gibson gothic explorer :(
    I can't believe they replaced the goth line with those fugly "voodoo" series. The red/black finish on them is nice but the inlay of the voodoo head looks horrible.
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    It's a really nice guitar (though some people find the shape a bit hard to get used to), you can still find them around second hand reasonably easily. The voodoo series would look nice, but the red doesn't seem to fit the guitar at all, and the scratch plate looks a bit unnatural next to the body, I've never played one, though they're probably quite similar :)
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    This thread is a little old, but here are my guitars, a nice Alvarez acoustic/electric and a cheap Austin electric.

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