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Post what you recently got for free!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by SchneiderMan, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Similar to the purchase thread, post the last thing you got for free! It can be anything really. Please try to post a picture.

    Replacement MacBook Pro with a new full year of Applecare :) My old Applecare expires this month so I got lucky.

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    I would not call exercising you rights under a warranty as a "freebie".
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    Well yes but I'm pretty sure you don't get another full year of Applecare do you?
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    Typically you do. My MP was bought in 5/2008, replaced in 2/2009 and AC was to end 2/2010 but they wiped out the previous AC I had purchased and applied it to the new machine to give me coverage to 2/2012. So yeah, you get a new machine and new warranty. Great all the same, but certainly not a freebie. You should post all the cases you get for free to review then sell off. That's a bit more impressive. ;)
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    Just won a magic trackpad at my Mac user group meeting.
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    The damage was free, courtesy of ice on a hill. The new bumper is gonna cost me a little bit.

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    You should PM me details about that if your MUG is near Raleigh. :)
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    Well my girlfriend has been in this freebies kick lately and has gotten us a LOT of really good stuff. Shes also been entering contests like crazy. But the biggest three things we've won are an iPad, a trip to Waco (hotel and tickets to attractions), and tickets to are Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat. Whoot!
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    Your insurance won't cover it?
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    Toby Mac - Christmas This Year. itunes' single of the week.
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    a Canon 3 in 1 printer. A freebie from one Apple purchase.:D
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    1TB Western Digital Passport Essentials SE:


    I received it in the mail last week delivered via UPS. It came from Western Digital and it had my address on the package. It didn't have a name, just said "End User." I don't know why I got this drive. I called their customer care about returning it, but they insisted that if I didn't want it I would need to pay for return shipping.

    I'm not paying for return shipping. Anyways just gave it to a friend who needed it.
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    Apple replaced my severely cracked screen iPhone 4 today at no charge, so I would consider that a freebie.
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    Coffee :D Used my "VIP" card.

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    Deductible maybe.
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    Chase R

    I received the season finale of Dexter for free on Sunday night ;)

    I would keep the insurance company out of it. It's cheaper in the long run... and deductibles aren't cheap!
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    How come? My iPhone 4 fell out of my pocket while I was sat in the garden chair and the case I got from Apple came of when it landed. The phone bounced and landed again - screen cracked.

    Apple won't repair it as it was accidental damage.
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    I think you get another year's warranty, but not if you have AppleCare. If you bought Applecare on your 1st/original laptop, and it gets replaced after a year due to recurrent problems, then your new laptop simply has 2 years remaining.

    That's what happened to me. My replacement computer had 2 years of warranty because that's how much was remaining from my original 3 year warranty (1 year standard + 2 years Applecare).
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    That's very cool, but usually I find with competitions from companies and suchlike I just get a ton of spam and advertisements etc., even if I opt out so I just don't bother. I suppose that's the reason why they have these competitions, so they can make money *that sounded stupid!*.
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    150ft of coaxial cable and a few splitters, delivered by cablevision.
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    2 iphone 4 bumpers :)
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    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for iPhone, won it through a twitter contest.

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