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Post you iSkin'd iPod

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by KevRC4130, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm going to buy an iPod soon, and I'm gonna buy an iSkin at the time of purchase, just so that oh so pretty mirror back stays spotless. I can't decide what color to get. I'm thinking the clear/white, the orange, or the green. No matter what color iSkin you have, please post, I'd love to see real world pictures of them. Also, tell me what you think about you iPod and iSkin.

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    i love my iskin, i really doo.. its awesome. i got the clear one..... it comes with a belt clip, but i don't use it... other than that it provides a firm grip on my ipod..... HIGHLY recommended. :D :eek: :D
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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'm not planning to use the clip. I dont have any pants without pockets ;) . Is the clear like, you can't see that its on? That's sort of what I'm going for. Is the back still mirrored, or is it just kind of grey?
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    well the skin covers whole pod..... eh.... the back looks kinda grey'ish with the skin though
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    My ipod & my wifes ipod in his & hers iskins.

    I did also have a blue iskin but prefer the green. On the green ipod I have a blue gel to protect the screen, it looked better with the blue iskin, though make reading the screen a bit hard.! Other benifits of the iskin, it makes the ipod easy to find in the dark! it gives the ipod grip, so it wont slide off a desk so easily, on my g2 ipod it protects the buttons, so you can have it in your pocket with out the hold key on.
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    3 gen

    iskins are really usefull but quite ugly I think.
    Here's mine on the docking station.

    It's really good to have an iskin when, people want to take a look at your pod. People just can not know how easily the ipod get marks and scratches. :rolleyes:

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    I hate how you have to bend back the skin just to dock it..
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    well if you want to see that clear metallic look at the back, you'd better choose the clear one.
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    Yes I agree it is definately od to dock your skinned ipod.
    Firtsly it looks odd and then trying to pull that skin open is quite a "sexual experience" :confused: . Go ahead and make fun of me but it is weird to me.

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    Skins are nice, but you can design better:

    I have a skin on my 3G, but after a while, I wanted something more. Then I stumbled onto BodySkin for iPod. They send you the print out page with a perfectly cut out design, and you can dowload the outline off their sight. I'll warn you now,m they ship from Japan, and the sheet of this stuff I got was not on 8.5x11, more like 8.125x12.25, crazy stuff, but with a little tweaking, I got it to work out. I made a bunch of design, really easy with the layer system in photoshop, but eventually decided on this one, which I spent a great deal of time measureing to be sure the image would wrap around. I'll just give you the actual skin print out in case you might want to use it, although, now that I think about it, if you really want to print i tou, you're going to want to use the other jpeg i made that doesn't show the borders, so that you're sure to not come short of the edge of the cut out. Well, Enjoy!

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    Wait, so what's the material out of which the skin is actually made?
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    The BodyMask is a adhesive sticker, basically, which protects your ipod from scratches. It even comes with an LCD protector, very nice. You print out your design with any inkjet printer. Now, at first I was a bit worried that any moisture on it would make the ink run, but I found some stuff at the local arts and crafts store called UV-Resistant Clear made by Krylon which is basically acryllic coating that comes in an aerosol can. This protecs it from water and even prevents fading.

    If you're worried about adhesive not coming off if you ever want to remove the sticker, don't worry, I'ved tested it and the company says it comes off real easily too. No worries there. I wanted something that would protect my iPod form scratches and wouldn't increase the size, since it's so awesomely small. This was a simple solution for me. If you want to prevent it from dents and such too, you can keep the mask and put a clear skin over it if you really like your design.

    Here's a link: http://www.techreactions.com/ipod/index.htm

    Hope this helps.
  14. mms
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    Anybody have an iSkin mini that they can post a pic of?
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    Gen 4


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    i got my sister a pink one she loves it :)
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    -image removed-

    This is my 40 GB with the iSkin balancing it in the dock. I use the belt clip daily on my way to class. The skin does a great job of protecting the iPod, but the pad inside the skin leaves residue on the back of the iPod when I take it out. That is my only gripe. But hey, at least it looks good. :D

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