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Post your Bowtie theme with your song!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by SchneiderMan, Oct 19, 2009.

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    For anyone who does not know what Bowtie is, its a free app that allows you to control your iTunes through a smaller and custom sleek interface on your desktop.
    You must have both Itunes and Bowtie opened at the same time.
    More themes can be found through a google search.
    Bowtie can be downloaded for free Here.

    Here is mine, The theme is called The dark night found here


    Please use [​IMG]
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    I'm in a dance mood.

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    ^ You should hear the song "3" its pretty good.
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    Theme - Zukunft

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    Thats a cool theme, mind sharing?
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    I use the same thing, if only it worked better in Snow Leopard.
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    Mine's called Micro Pixel Case.

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    Not sure what exactly you mean? I didnt get Bowtie until after I had Snow Leopard so im curious what is bad about it. The only thing I can think of, once again not being an experienced Bowtie user, is that even when I uncheck the 'hide when iTunes isnt operating" box it still fades away when i close iTunes...
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    Bowtie still seems to have some bugs in snow leopard for me. It's very temperamental and doesn't always show up when I'm playing iTunes.
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    agreed. i have noticed the same thing.
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    Zukunft Condensed White. Matches my Kobhens dock.
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    I always wondered if this app was free or not. I'll download it on my iMac later and post a screenshot.

    Sweet thread idea!
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    Sure here you go
    Click Me
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    Hey y'all, Bowtie developer here. ;) We're working on the Snow Leopard bugs as we speak. We anticipate having a final release with full Snowy compatibility around December.
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    Well thanks for the update. I can't wait! And thanks for making Bowtie! :D
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    My Modded MinimalMod. And that's very good news. I've been waiting for the 3rd beta of Bowtie for ages. I haven't a problem under Snow Leopard though, just that exposé hides the bowtie is annoying.

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    Bingo bango

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    Anberlin \m/:D\m/
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    :D Don't really like the song personally, but one of my favourite bands right now!
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    I don't have the exact file of it anymore, and I also checked MacThemes for you, but it's not there anymore.

    But the name of the bowtie is called Stickied.

    Sorry, hope that helps!

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