Post your Christmas Tree/Decorations, revised

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by SlasherDuff, Dec 3, 2008.

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    Mod Note: Christmas trees 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

    I saw the last post, and saw no one posted on it, so I will try to repost it, along with pictures this time


    The front of the house


    The small fiber optic tree

    Once we get a real full size tree, I'll post it
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    Does this count? I've decorated my iPhone.

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    just brought this tree home on saturday ... 15.8 feet tall and 6 feet wide ..

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    Post Your Christmas Tree (2008 Edition)

    Here's Ours. This year we went with a "Santa Claus" theme.:)

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    Yay Christmas!!!!!

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    The tree is an artificial one my parent's got back in the 1970's. They decided to downsize to a smaller tabletop fiberoptic tree, so I asked if I could keep it. Aside from the family history of the tree, one of the things I really love about it is the branches are spaced out rather than clumped together into solid wall of green. I call it my "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree. :D 1st time setting it up in my 1st apartment as well (just moved out 5 months ago). The 2nd pic is a bit blurry, I was trying to use a shutter delay, but didn't have my tripod handy. Tried bracing myself against a wall, but it didn't help. One downside to moving out: fewer presents under the tree. :(
    Tree01.jpg Tree02.jpg
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    here is the tree my gf and i cobbled together...

    yes i am torturing here by not wrapping her present.

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    Here's my tree, i know the star is lopsided - it's too heavy. :eek:

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    Here's my Festivus Pole. :)

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    PlayStation Home, eh? I was so excited when I got the email from PSN telling me i was selected to beta test it. I'm waiting for more areas to be released. it's kinda boring atm.
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    Heres my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, its just a little one b/c the bf is gongho on the xmas and I'm a traditional native who doesn't care for xmas.. So we've settled on a faux one.

    This pic is from last year, but we put it in a plastic bag (decorated) and then just took it out of its bag and set it on the table.

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    nice trees, everyone!
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    looks like we found the money tree!!!
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    I know this is sad, but it's my first Christmas since moving out of my parents house. My GF and I both wanted a small, shabby looking tree. It reminds us that there are others who are less fortunate and of the harder times in our lives.

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    Yep got it for my mom for Christmas last year. They have one now that is the scene when they are at the doors of the Emerald City... LOVE IT, although it is selling out quite fast!
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    haha sweet tree, and good idea on not wrapping the Ugg box:Dfunny stuff
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    Here is our tree

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    Do you find tinsel distracting?

    And how's the strength to weight ratio?
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    The Christmas tree at our house (my Christmas stocking is the one on the left):

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    Updated, Our tree. Honestly the fiber optic tree looks better. We do have a tree skirt, but it got saturated with water, so I put it in the dryer. I'll take another one with the skirt on

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    My roommate set up a Christmas tree in our apartment. Those candy canes will be gone in a couple of days

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    My $26 tree my parents bought back in 1972, put up today:

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