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Post your Favorite Optical Illusions

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iLikeMyiMac, Sep 4, 2004.

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    Post optical illusions or magic eye pics
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    Whoa! That first one is pretty cool. Never seen something like that before.
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    Dang! I don't think I could have that on my desktop for too long. Let us know if you pass out or not :D
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    I took it off after half an hour. My eyes really started to hurt and water. Even though it was behind all my windows it still made me a little dizzy. :D
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    My link is very cool.. but it's a (tasteful) naked lady. You may not want to check it out at work/with the kids, but it's awesome if you follow the directions right. Be sure to literally cross your eyes, then let the image come together. Make sure your mouse/any stray windows aren't in the way.

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    Praytell how did you stumble upon this site, whist thou was searching for bible passages me hopes.
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    Totalfark.com a few weeks ago. It be the big brother of fark.com.
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    Very impressive!
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    wow i got dizzy staring at the first one on that page
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    It works well for me, which is surprising considering I can never normally do magic eye type things. It also turns my 12" PB into a 15 or 17" widescreen!
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    I want this one as wallpaper (not the desktop, but the paper kind you put on real walls).
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    any idea how i can make one of those 3d images myself?? it seems i should be able to as there is just a slight difference in color between the two...
    looking at her hair (and other body parts) was amazingly insanely crazily awesome :eek:

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    How's this


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    I think the only way to do it properly is with a stereoscope-- two lenses positioned slightly apart, at the same depth... since humans see depth by comparing the two images that come in, 3 inches apart, and analyzing the difference... if you take two pictures this far apart, at the same time, and then cross your eyes so that your left eye looks at the left image, and right eye looks at the right image,, your brain receives the image in true stereoscope and makes the depth adjustments in your own head. That's why it becomes 3D.

    Of course, since it's easier to cross your eyes than to separate them, they reverse the left and right photos, but your brain doesn't realize.

    You can, however, create simple examples with drawings, and if you were skilled you could probably digitally enhance a single photo into two that gave the illusion of stereoscope...

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    Does anybody have any more of these? They are so cool!
  19. JLS
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    This is SO not working for me.... I just stare and stare and it becomes a horrible mess. :(
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    NICE link - best all month.

    Personally 3D didn't work for me. My eyes hurt trying to do it (lately I cannot go full cross like I used to). BUT MY EYES felt MUCH better looking straight.

    That girl is FINE!

    Me I don't want to be crossed eyed looking at her, I wanna see DOUBLE! ;)
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    Very impressive.
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    i wish i could do this forever :)
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    Here's some more I found.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'd love to see what this would do in a room - it might make you totally nuts - maybe just one wall....

    Ugh, I'm dizzy from all of this now - probably shouldn't have any more wine....


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