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Post Your Final Cut Pro Setup!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by FF_productions, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Just curious to see how all you video editor's setups look like. I'll post mine soon, it's nothing special...
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    ... let's see yours first! :)
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    Dual G4, and then my crappy Digital 8 Camcorder and the newly acquired DVC30 that I'm slowly getting used to...
    Terrible quality photo...
    Lol, ignore the cords underneath the desk, I'm not a neat freak and besides I'm never going to look at them..

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    zomg, what is that monstrosity on your desk? the grey HP thing.
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    Its an Hp Color Laserjet Printer, prints nicely, but it's HUGE!
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    Anybody else?
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    I don't have any pics (perhaps later) but it's easy to imagine:-

    I was using a Rev.C 17-inch iMac G5 (1.5Gb RAM) with a 250Gb G-Tech-Quad external scratch drive.

    ... I recently sold the iMac to my in-laws (switchers) and bought:-

    'Suggested' model Mac Pro (downgraded to 160Gb & added Bluetooth).
    250Gb drive removed from G-Tech-Quad unit and installed as Mac Pro's Drive-2. Reserving ext. unit for future expansion/fast backup drive.

    20-inch Widescreen Viewsonic monitor.

    JVC DVP7 mini-DV camcorder... small enough to be duct taped to my full-face MTB helmet for trail-videos (see podcast/site below) but it's on it's last legs though. :(

    Using latest FC-Studio
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    I dont use FCP for living, but I still use it, so here's my setup:

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    Anybody else?

    I'm sure someone will come around with a setup that will just blow us in the water...;)
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    Because ppl with awesome FCP setups are busy working and not wasting time on these boards ;) :rolleyes:
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    Good point.:(

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