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Post Your Gaming Laptop

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Rob587, May 23, 2010.

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    Looking for pictures of gaming laptops/setups. (Windows or Mac)
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    • Gaming
    • Laptop

    you can only pick one.
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    I thought it was

    - Portability
    - Battery Life
    - Gaming

    Pick two.
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    then Portability and Gaming :D

    Actually, portability doesn't really matter. Im just looking for good gaming desktop replacement pics.
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    cherry su

    You mean something like this?


    not mine btw.
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    Exactly! Thats pretty sick!!!!
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    But I can't find a picture online. :^|
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    If you really want a gaming laptop check out:


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    Dude the OP wants you to post your gaming laptop, not advertise it...
    Oh well this thread will be neglected within a week so it doesn't matter anymore. No offence OP.
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    Mine is a Dell Inspiron 1000


    512MB of Ram, like a 1.4Ghz processor, 14". I use it solely to play Age of Empires. If I could justify the expense I'd get a 17 incher, since I'd have more perspective on manoeuvring my troops, but meh...

    This little treasure does me quite alright for the time being. :) It's not like I play all the time anyway.
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    The only gaming laptop/s out there are by Alienware. Still a Mac and a gaming console would be a better choice.
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    Now Alienware have been snapped up by Dell it's a different story.
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    Oh probably. Dell has horrible outsourced "support" so does HP. When I used to be on PC, every call would take hours with so much frustration and clueless "support" people..
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    I'm not the only one look up the thread. "cherry su"
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    Not mine but pretty sweet

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    Psshh.. Apple's support isn't any better! I purchased my Macbook Pro about 1.5 years ago, and now my SuperDrive has failed and Apple wants $240 to replace it. Apparently, it's a really common occurrence.

    And why did I pay double the price of a PC again?
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    Do you have Applecare? If not then that is fair, or buy one yourself and fix it. It's not hard. To make it even easier, use iFixits screw printout and put double sided tape on it to place the screws on.
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    I had one of those and it was a complete POS. I bought it as a mobile development workstation and it was nothing but fail. In 15 months it had as many catastrophic failure of parts: logic boards, graphics chips, fans, LCD displays. You name it, it failed. Finally, I gave up on it an bought a MBP. After I got the Mac, Dell finally admitted the XPS was a problem and gave me a new Precision M90. I can play Half Life 2 on that for about 15 minutes before it overhears and shuts itself off. I just use it for accessing corporate Exchange mail. That doesn't over-burden it too much. :rolleyes:
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    Haha. Those things were failures. Great on paper supposedly....

    I just can't stand a laptop that is over 1" thick when closed. The MBP really IMO in all flavors are great machines. I believe the TiBook was the sexiest, and when I was into computer gaming I could play one of the Medal of Honor games on it with some GFX turned up! Hehe.
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    Alienware doesn't make the only gaming laptops. Just goes to show how little people actually care about these sorts of goods. All the PC makers make high-end desktop-replacement laptops that have powerful processors (i5's and i7's) with extremely powerful GPUs (some of them even have two in SLI or Crossfire).

    Google is your friend.
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    Exactly thats why I suggested Sager.
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    Good stuff guys!

    I think im actually gonna go with something a little bit cheaper for now. Check it... Ive also got a $50 off coupon and free shipping.

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