Post your Garage Band Songs!

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by markjones05, Jan 17, 2004.

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    I thought it would be cool if possible for everyone to post there own musical talent created in the new iapp Garage Band. If it is even possible on these forums.
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    Re: Post your Garage Band Songs!

    You can also check out - we welcome original Apple GarageBand music and we'll give you a free website, free shop and 25MB of space to upload your original tunes. There is also a radio stream as well. You might even make it to the top of our daily charts!
    We look forward to hearing your music.

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    Check Audiometropolis

    I Find this il look very good

    Go check on

    Its for free 500mb per ueser for music foto and video upload

    you want mor storage one mail an we give you 1000mb stoarge for your stuff:apple:

    Boy check it out its amasing :D

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