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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by mxptt, Dec 3, 2008.

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    lets see what makes it in your bag ..

    my irons:




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    ATM, I have only irons, wedges and a putter...





    I didn't used to be a Titleist guy, it just kind of happened this summer. 909D3 will be in the bag, as well as a new fairway wood, not sure which one yet, by spring.
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    ooo love that putter .. had a scotty prior to someone yanking it from my bag ..:mad::mad:
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    Only 5 Months Until Golf Season!!!









    I'm going to buy new wedges in the Spring .... Not sure what to buy though.
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    Here is my current out-of-season setup. I'm waiting for spring to order new irons, thus the gaping hole in my bag. I sold my old Titleist 695CBs to a friend a couple months ago. And, over the course of the summer, my bag changed quite a bit. But, right now I like things, A LOT.

    My driver is great. Not the newest tech, but I'm very consistent with it. The Titleist fairways I have are great as well, and will probably be in my bag for many years to come. My wedges are good, and the putter is possibly never leaving my bag, EVER. Anyway, here are the specs, in case anyone is into those...

    TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad TP - 9.5* - Rombax 65X
    Titleist 906F2 - 13* - UST V2 85X
    Titleist 906F2 - 18* - UST V2 85X
    Callaway Vintage Forged - 48*, 52*, 56*, 60* - DG S400
    Odyssey - White Hot XG 9 - 33"
    Ping Hoofer Vantage - Custom White with Yellow trim and piping

    (Not Shown)
    Titleist ProV1X
    Adidas Tech Feather
    Oakley Half-Jacket Golf Array








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    Titleist 983k 8.5* Aldila NV 75g X Flex
    Sonartec SS2.5 15* Fujikura Tour Platform S Flex
    Callaway Big Bertha (2004) 2 Iron DG X100 2* upright .5 inches over length
    Titleist 690CB's 3 iron thru Pitching Wedge DG X100 2* upright lie .5 inches over length
    Titleist Bob Vokey Spin Milled 56* and 60*
    Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5

    I've always been a Titleist guy, but never really fell in love with their fairway woods. The Sonartec is a killer fairway wood, its ashame the company went down the tubes. I really do need to downgrade my clubs. I used to play every day but am now relegated to playing maybe 4 times a year; hitting 690CB's with X100s is harder than it used to be.
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    titleist vokey's are good wedges...Nike makes a few good ones as well. I am still in need of a good 60 degree but I dont play enough to get one.
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    All the major companies make decent wedges, so you should definitely try as many of them as you can. That being said, I (and a lot of people I know) have Titleist wedge preferences. I think their wedges are just a little bit better than all the others. The Spin Milled wedges are great and they look really nice at setup as well. I'd recommend them. The BV 200's are great as well, I played those before the Spin Milled wedges came out.
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    I will post some photos tomorrow. But this is what I basically have:

    Taylor Made 460 TP 8.5deg
    Titleist 3-wood
    Titlesit 5-wood / Titlesit 2-iron (course and weather dependent)
    Taylor Made Burner Tour 3-9 iron
    Titleist Vokey 50, 56 and 60 wedges
    Tetleist Scotty Cameron Putter

    Most pretty old stuff. I am looking to upgrade some of it next year. I got my handicap down to 3 and then broke my leg and it has drifted back upto 5 so I need to get it sorted!
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    I agree. I used to play a couple SS-07s back in the day. They were great clubs. And, this kind of goes against your want to "downgrade" your set, but have you heard of Royal Collection? They are the Japanese parent company that Sonartec was getting clubs built by. They are VERY nice, but getting them here in the States isn't cheap. But, if you still yearn for the Sonartec look and feel, this is exactly that, since thats where they came from in the first place.
    You hit it right on the head there. Don't worry about brand when looking at wedges. They all make decent wedges. But, the look/shape/feel/durability will differ greatly. Some people like round heads, others like the teardrop shape. Some people like chrome, others like raw/unfinished. Just look at everything, and don't worry about brand. As with most golf equipment, the look and feel of a club can play a great part in how well it works for you.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Cleveland makes a great wedge. But, I've just never found one that fits my eye. The Callaway wedges I use are the old, original Forged wedge from about 5 years ago. There are newer wedges out there, but none that look and feel like these. So, I'm sticking with them. I even bought a backup set from Callaway Clearance a couple years ago, waiting in the closet for these to wear out.
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    I have heard of Royal Collection, though I kind of forgot about them until you mentioned the name. I will definitely look at their clubs when I need a new set, especially the fairway woods. Only ones I ever hit well were Sonartec, so I'm sure I'd love these.

    I'm with you on the Cleveland wedges. They're good, but I'm not comfortable when I see them at address. I like the Callaway and Nike wedges as well, but I just can't get rid of my Vokeys, they spin too well to get rid of.

    Edit: Man is Royal Collection's blade beautiful, I so want a set of those, haha, too bad I'd need to start playing a lot more to get back to a level that I could hit them.
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    I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow but here is my setup...

    Driver: Ping G10 9º w/ Grafalloy ProLaunch Red
    4wood: Ping G10 17º w/ Matrix Code 8
    7wood: Ping G10 21.5º w/ Matrix Code 8
    Irons: Ping i10 4-UW w/ Z-Z65
    Wedges: Ping Tour-W 54º and 58º w/ Z-Z65
    Putter: Scotty Cameron Circa '62 Charcoal Mist No. 2 (soon to be replaced by a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 w/ heavy weight set installed)
    GPS: SkyCaddy SG3
    Bag: Ping Hoofer Vantage (soon to be replaced by an '09 Ogio Grom)
    Ball: Callaway Tour ix
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    to the OP: you have so much callaway stuff it makes me sick! I have been making golf clubs for a small, but growing golf company for years and we always get it callaway clubs that are broken due to the poor manufacturing process they have. they use cheap materials and its easy to tell from a club makers perspective.
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    I use pretty much all no-name clubs, but right before the end of this past golf season I decided to buy a new set of irons. The ones I decided on were GX920s by GigaGolf. They are basically clones of Callaway X-20s. I really like them a lot, and for 100 bucks, they were an amazing value. You can customize them with whatever grips and shafts you want, and you can choose the shaft length and lie angle as well. I only got to play a few rounds with them, but they already beat the pants off of my previous iron set.

    This Christmas I'm getting a new pair of Adidas golf spikes and a Callaway Warbird Hot stand bag. :)

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    Lord not only do i hope that they let you hit them before you buy, but they have a professional help you decide what shaft, grip, shaft length, and lie you want. Thats not something the average person can really do.
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    Professional status not needed. Even though I used to be a Class-A teaching professional, I have a friend who has been my personal tech for years. He is not certified in any regards, but knows more than anyone I know, and that is saying a lot with all the years I've been in and around the golf business.

    Certification/Professional status just means you can pass some tests. Real world experience, especially in fitting and tech knowledge are far more important.
    You can't really "decide what you want" when it comes to fitting. Either it fits or it doesn't. There isn't much personal say involved. While I might think that a little flatter lie might help me fade the ball better, if my swing dictates that I need them upright for consistent square contact, I don't have much say in the matter.

    Who, might I ask, do you build/repair for? A shop that I frequent here in Omaha, where my friend works, also does a lot of custom builds. Just wondering if I've ever heard of your company. Also, my father is the Head Pro/Director of Golf at a new club in Kenosha. Where in Wisconsin are you? Always fun to chat with people about golf tech.
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    I completely understand that you don't need a professional. I myself am no professional, but have the skills and is qualified to fit someone for clubs. I work for a company called Bob Burns Golf. We are located just south of Green Bay. We fit people and make our own clubs right in our facility.
    i could sit on this forum and talk golf manufacturing all day i love it
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    There is a 30-day return policy, where you can use the clubs for up to 30 days and return them for a full refund if you decide you don't like them. Also, there is a kind of "fitting wizard" which will tell you what stiffness you should choose for your shaft, as well as what lie angle you need. Of course, this may not end up being totally accurate, but for as much as I play golf, I have been very satisfied with these irons and the setup.
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    for a beginner golfer this sounds much better than just picking up a box set off the shelf
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    just watched that the other day, almost forgot how great that movie really is!
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    i found them pretty durable .. but then again i get them at cost so its not tempting to buy anything else:D:D
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    thats good to hear. I'm not trying to bash your stuff because you really do have nice equipment, i have never been a fan of callaway because i guess i have more of an idea about how they put together a golf club and what not. Either way, hit what every makes you hit the ball straight.
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    Oh yea ... Take it from basedloaded the "maker of golf clubs". Callaway is crap. Nobody uses Callaway clubs any more! They are guaranteed to break and injure someone in your foursome when the heads come flying off. All the pros on tour use them to hold up their rose bushes. Nobody gets multiple hold seasons out of their Callaway clubs! If you do, your lucky and you should count your blessings. What a joke! ;)


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