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Post your handwriting!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by doubleohseven, Oct 10, 2008.

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    Assuming that most members here can read and write, here's a thread to show off your handwriting, or even calligraphy if you can do that. Or if you rarely write/don't write at all, discuss what font you mainly use when you type on the computer.

    I'll start off. It's from my science book that I use in school.

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    I'll play!

    From, you guessed it, my History book at school - Year 9.

    From way back at the start of the year.

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    The only thing I still handwrite. Maths:

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    Old pic of my handwriting that I found in iPhoto. Notes for a class I took junior year. I'm left-handed.
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    I'm left handed too! Your writing is really neat.
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    Love the writing!

    Not a bad photo either :p

    Where is everyone elses pics?
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    I tend to write cursive but sometimes the loops make it a bit too messy.
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    The solid, block-ish 'I's mean you stand alone and can be a bit creative, the little hooks at the end of the 'R' mean you're a bit possessive, and the fact that you close all your 'O's means you can keep a secret pretty well.

    Just thought you'd like to know...

    I'll see if I can find my camera, dang it it's always getting lost (tiny)
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    Interesting ideas!

    Camera? Last time I checked, mbp's had little cameras on top. I also saw this application called photobooth once.....:p
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    The integrated iSight is rubbish for picking up handwriting, example:

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    Very nice handwriting, and a nice photo as well!
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    "Only one person on macrumors has seen my handwriting so far. Well I guess this is the end of that. This is my normal writing, you should see it when I am in a hurry."

    Correct? Don't really want to see you in a hurry, no offense :p

    EDIT: I took mine ( ^ up top ^ ) with the iMac iSight.
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    Here you go:

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    Great handwriting, I have a family friend with writing like that.
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    I've seen it everywhere, don't yell at me...

    What does FTW stand for?:confused:
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    Urbandictionary is your friend. FTW = For the win
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    Alternatively, for the more Delphic:

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    It was carved over the entrance to the temple of Apollo in Delphi:
    "Know Thyself"
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    Well, the things you learn on MacRumors.

    So not your writing on the temple? :p
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    I'm not quite old enough. :p
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    Yea, the paper says it all. I'm fairly sure my handwriting has gotten considerably worse since high school...

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    :eek: Don't really know what to type to that...some of it's freakishly true LOL.

    As for everyone else, thanks for the compliments.

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