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Post your iMac G5 Set-up/ ibook set-up

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by corywoolf, Feb 26, 2005.

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    Hey everyone, I am thinking about getting a ibook 14" w/ superdrive and a 20" iMac G5 for video editing. I would like to see some shots of any set-ups you got of both/either ibook and iMac G5's. :D
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    Make sure you max out the RAM on the iMac.

    I've got 768 on my work machine, and my G4 (single) tower smokes it.

    Well, I do have 2GB of RAM in the tower, but still.

    Off-topic, I know, but just saying. :D
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    I would love to see iBook 12" & 14" set-ups! :p

    Also you should really max the RAM on both iMac and iBook. ;)
  4. slu
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    Well, I don't have an iBook (yet), but I posted this in one of the other threads. Setup includes: 17 inch iMac G5, 200 GB External HDD (behind the G5), Canon Powershot A20, Canon ZR60 MiniDV Camcorder, a cheap 5 track mixer I use to plug in a guitar or my digital 8 track, 20 GB 4G iPod, and an Aiport Express Base Station (upstairs).

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    My 12" 1.2 GHz iBook to the right.

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    Well, here's mine. Just set this up a few hours ago. Still unsure what I'll do w/ the eMac.

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    Very nice iBook!!! I also love the screen. What size is it? And btw, what model eMac did you have?
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    It's a 19 inch Sony. The eMac is the 800 mhz w/ Superdrive

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