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Post your iPad!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by -Ryan-, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Pictures of your new iPad in it's new home. Make your iPad the envy of all international and 3G buyers. ;)
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    don't they all look exactly the same?
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    Hasn't stopped people from posting the same iMac's, MB/P's and Mac Pro's.
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    Don't all iMacs or Mac Minis look the same? It's all to do with the setup of it rather than the actual device. :)
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    Sorry if I sounded like an ass. I was actually asking if they have cosmetic differences from one another depending on 3G/Wifi/capacity... etc.

    But yes, usually threads are for set ups, decals, screen shots, etc.. so hopefully we see some interesting ones here.
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    Yep, the WiFi model has a plain aluminium back, whereas the 3G model has a black strip of plastic at the top to allow for the antenna to work. No other cosmetic differences between capacities other than the difference in size listed at the bottom of the rear.
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    Nom Nom!

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    Douche! I want..
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    Come on guys, lets see some iPad setups ! :)

    We wanna see those iPad's next to all the other sexy Apple stuff :D:apple:
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    *Futuristic sound effects* :D :D :apple:

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    Captain Planet

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    my lazy man's iPad stand!

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    important question:

    is the ipads black apple logo on the back a plastic insert (like on the 24" cinema displays) or is it a cheap-o screenprint like the chrome ones on the iphone?
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    Here is mine. And puma, it seems to be a plastic insert.

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    Nice iPads!

    I would get mine itself, if it had expandable media support and a file browsing system. Otherwise, it's just a giant iPod touch to me. :( And I'd rather grab one of those, tbh.
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    After getting used to the iPad's screen you feels dumb going back to that small piece of (fill in the blank) ______..
    I would say it's a luxury if you have spare change..
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    Spare change lol :p
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    How are ipads in a set up? Couch set up? bed set up?

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    It's a plastic insert as it's where the WiFi antenna is.
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    I don't have a "setup" for the iPad yet, but these are the pictures I took when we bought it yesterday. My mum and I bought it together and share it. I'll post more pics when I incorporate it into my setup.


    We bought it this past Monday. I spotted a few guys from the band Manchester Orchestra there buying an iPad, too, so I got Andy Hull to sign my iPad box. He was sure to clarify that he was referring to the iPad as being cool, not his signature. ;)
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    Steve Wozniak came to the Valley Fair Apple Store and I was able to get mine signed by him. It was the third iPad to be signed. :)

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    wow thats really cool, just think if you would ebay that one, the ones without woz are going for 5000 just think what that one would do
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    Saw my first iPad IRL today and all I can say is...

    ... I hate all you lucky people!!! (Especially you SL2008- signed by Woz?? Holy....!! :eek: That's way too cool.)

    Seriously, though, what a kick-ass piece of hardware. Pics barely do it justice- they're just amazing in real life. It feels way more polished and advanced to me than the iPhone/Touch. I'm definitely going to get one eventually- I'll either stick to my guns and hold out for the next gen, or perhaps in a fit of "I gotta have it!!" just pull the trigger on one sooner. Either way, it's pretty much a done deal, a must-have.
  25. JsR
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    Snow...can I ask you where you got that laptop stand? I have never seen one before and it looks gorgeous!

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