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Post your last purchase X

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by wfoster, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Acer H233H 23 inch 1080p LCD (with HDMI port)


    Gotta love its 80,000:1 contrast ratio and 2 ms response time.
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    80 pence from the school vending machine.
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    6 pack of these from eBay.. Since Target doesn't sell them anymore. :mad:
    Should last me a couple months.


    $4.50 each (@ Target) x 6 = $27 total
    $20 total (@ eBay) / 6 = $3.33 each

    I see the real winner here...
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    15" MacBook Pro anti-glare with 8GB RAM upgrade as portable workstation

    32GB iPhone 3GS to replace my stolen one :mad:

    Apogee ONE and Bose Companion 3's for the Mac Pro

    iPod Touch 64GB for sister's birthday, since she has been bugging me forver for one

    And a bunch of random accessories and stuff. But the big purchase of the day goes to this:
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    But the other one isn't even at 2,000? ;)
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    Closing in though. Only like 1 post left.
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    Beautiful G there, congrats!

    My last purchase was some lightscribe CDs
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    For the iPhone

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    oh wow, didnt even know it was coming out!! whats it like?? any good songs on it??
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    Here's the site from EA - http://www.rockband.com/games/iphone

    Haven't played it yet. I'll find out on my train home from work, looking forward to it.
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    Wow. I want your job :eek:
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    Supreme x Vans 2009.
    most people might not like them, but im diggin it.
    LOVE collecting vans.


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    Great spending day! The one negative about your post is the iPhone getting stolen. F'ng punks man...I HATE thieves! I wish there was a way where you can send a signal to the phone, and it would self-destruct, like in Mission Impossible :D
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    Thats not my photo, but I got the Platinum graphite with leather, Nav, adaptive headlight, sport package, and some other things. Dealer didn't have the color and option I wanted, so had to wait. But well worth it :)

    For all you know I could be a stripper :p

    Whoever stole it knew their way around an iPhone. Turned off FindMyiPhone so I couldn't track it via MobileMe :mad:
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    Teh Don Ditty

    Nice work! Love the car! (and the other toys too :p)
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    Some stuff for my new S&W 9mm pistol.

    I tried taking a picture of this stuff with photo booth but the quality of the picture wasn't up to snuff, so here are some factory shots.

    Outers pistol cleaning kit.
    Uncle Mike Sidekick hip holster.

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    +1 downloaded it this morning
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    Love the holster ;)
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    An Aero Bar From School Canteen

    :D[​IMG] YUMMY
  22. wfoster, Oct 19, 2009
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    Ha, hey James. How's it going? See you tomorrow in school mate.
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    The OP quoted an image? :p

    My latest purchase was a polycarb airsoft piston.
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    Another airsoft guy :D. Love this forum
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