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Post your last purchase XI

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by thegoldenmackid, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Samsung Series 8 46" LED
    Xbox 360 Elite
    iMac 27" 3.06 Ghz, 8Gb ram, 1Tb HD, 10.6
    2 - iMac 27" Quad Core i7 16Gb ram, 2TB HD, 10.6
    Mac Mini loaded (new)
    Other goodies

    Lots of Software

    Apple Xserve 8 core 3.26, 32Gb ram, 3 TB HD, 128GB solid state, all optional cards



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    On the far right Dr dre headphones, retail for 300 I got them for 130 brand new. I love them! [​IMG]
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    TIMG your image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pain is temporary, Herpes lasts forever.
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    $50 iTunes Gift Card[​IMG]
    Only $25 at Coles!
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    Ok so the sales got me a little crazy!

    Bluetooth Dongle For Hackintosh €12

    Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse for USB Dongle €138 incl. Free shipping

    Meteor Broadband dongle to go for their service and use it to top up sim card. €39 over €49 online + Free shipping

    Unlocked mi-fi to use with the Meteor service. They have better coverage here in ireland in terms of 3G and their network is 14.4MB ready for 4G but so far can only use up to 7.2MB on 3G HDSPA Dongles. €92 over €128 + Some price for unlocking software

    I won this on eBay for about €45 "New" and hopefully it include shipping and if not i'll decline paying LOL but it said free shipping by default post.

    I'll either go for black/white/silver black if you comment below what colour thanks!

    VIA ARM 32bit CPU
    128MB Of Memory
    2GB HD
    Intergrated Graphics
    7" 800x480 LCD
    Windows CE = I'm actually waiting for jolicloud to come out but in school where I wont take my 13" MacBook Pro and while waiting to repair my PowerBook g4 for school I'll have a small netbook
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    where were dr. dre's 130!?
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    I do a lot of ebaying so I had 100 already in my paypal they were listed buy it now with free shipping for 230. IT actually didn't cost me anything because I got it with the Christmas money I put into my checking account.
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    I want something to stream my high-def media. AppleTV won't cut it... That piece of rubbish wont play matroska files very well.

    So I'm going the XBMC route. Enter Acer Aspire Revo.

    Unfortunately I forgot the HDMI cable. D'oh!
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    can I ask what you need all that stuff for? side note I used timg on all the pics.
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    bmwman, you are living it up. Kudos to you. :D
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    Side note: you shouldn't quote images in the first place. :p

    Just saw Avatar in IMAX 3D. Awesome, amazing movie and experience. I can't wait to see it again!

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    I really would like to see it in 3D. I bet it looks amazing.
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    Thanks :D
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    M-Audio Pro Tools Vocal Studio

    M-Audio Pro Tools Vocal Studio:

    Includes a cardiod condensor M-Audio Producer USB microphone and Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8.

    $179 for all this-a inexpensive way to obtain a version of Pro Tools plus a USB microphone.

    The M-Audio Producer USB microphone is well-made and even has a headphone jack for monitoring recorded audio.
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    for my hackintosh nc10

    ethernet cables are a drag
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    Your pictures doesn't quite correspond to your description but holy that is a lot of new toys to play with.

    Do you upgrade or just add to the flock? What do you do with the old stuff; ebay?
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    Just got a used iPod 3rd generation! And I love it, but I have to wait until the charging/syncing cable comes in from Amazon!

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    Other than the XServe, none of those boxes are the new stuff in my list. They were all purchased within the past month, but the new items are still on their way or in the storage/closet. The smaller items are packed into different boxes.
    I am waiting for a new desk before I set everything up.
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    I bought a window griffin seat.

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    The Kodak Easyshare Z950 camera. Cannot wait for it to arrive! £147 new incl. shipping :)


    8GB SD card. For my recently purchased camera...£15.95 :)
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    New jacket from Urban Outfitters. They're having a "sale on sale items", so i got this $98 jacket for $37 :)

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