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Post your last purchase XII

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by thegoldenmackid, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Something not Mac related to start this one off... Seasoning left side now...
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    That is quite the hardcore cigar accessory (not quite sure what to call it..?)! But I'm impressed nonetheless.

    Just recently got this bag for my 50D and lenses..

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    Humidor ;). There is an ashtray on top, the ashtray is huge, but that's another story.

    What type of glass?
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    REI half-dome 2


    Summer Of George 2!
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    here is what i bought in the last 2 days

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    My new laptop. Sorry for the iPhone picture.
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    Not a shotgun, but...

    Just picked this up:


    California King, memory foam, and sooo comfy :D.
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    My office/playground is slowly but surely coming together..
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    Recent Buys

    Been a a busy week for the bank card.

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    canon speedlite 430ex ii

    $265.00 from amazon. boy is it heavy. :D i love it

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    Looks like a vacuum lol.
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    @rbyrne10: You do know that CS5 comes out on April 12th, don't you?
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    And Photoshop CS5 in particular is damn awesome.
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    No only discovered that this week after had this installed but got the student edition for for less than the student price due to a local shop going out of business and selling off stock.
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    Nice! Glad I get it for free through school :)
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    Black & Decker toaster oven.
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    My Macbook Pro Carbon Fiber decal
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    I've been known to make Un-Freaking-Believable toasted sandwiches with those things, lol.
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    The "Vegas" cover over the oil cooler. Oh, and the paint job. Not the frame just the tank and fenders.

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    I'll post a better pic once my camera works.. :D
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    Lunch/Dinner :)
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    Wow that is a decal?
    nice fit
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    Mom Tat. XD

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