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Post Your Last Purchase XXIV

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by wordoflife, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. wordoflife, Dec 11, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2012

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    Continuation of Post Your Last Purchase XXIII


    Ordered some cables and a game.
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    A sweet Celestron C10-NGT!

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    Got my leather Zippo case..Quite a chunk of leather for the money..:)

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    People still use Zippo's?
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    pay for some editorial assignments came in and I treated myself to this baby. my 50D approves.

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    Chilly Penguin


    not bad- too bad canon discontinued that lineup. I have a 50d as well coupled with a 100-400 :D
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    that's some serious glass there, mate. ;) this is my first L glass so it's really special in its own right. IQ is superb and the lack of IS does not hamper me for my work so it's a sweet deal all round.
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    Seems like I always run out of cologne too close to the holidays. This seemed like the best deal.

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    Chilly Penguin

    special deal somewhere? Been looking for l'homme decently priced- just picked up la nuit recently.
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    Where did you find this and how much, if you don't mind me asking? My L'homme is running on empty and need to get some more soon.
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    It was 88 at macy's for about 4.5 ounces total. The 3.5 usually runs about 77. I figured two bottles and an extra ounce or so for 10 more dollars made sense, plus I had a gift card from some online surveys. Expensive stuff but it's all I wear now.
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    Mr. McMac

    Bought this Stanley 1.1 Quart Thermos on sale at K-Mart yesterday for $24.99. I poured boiling water in it yesterday at noon. This morning when I checked it, the water was still steaming hot. Very impressive so far :)

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    I love Brawl. My roommates and I could play that game for hours.
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    For the girlfriend :p

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    I have the same lens and love it!! Nice purchase..
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    Impulse buy, 11.95 Euros was just too good a deal to pass :)
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    On my credit card, but it's my Christmas gift from my parents: 32GB CDMA in white. Should be a nice upgrade from my 4.


    Already got a case for it, PixelSkin HD, which I ordered last week along with...


    ...a shirt from Amazon by Tavik...


    ...and I got some some actual pure white LEDs for my car from V-LEDs, instead of hoping the eBay ones would be pure white instead of cool white (only white light without any blue hue)
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    27in imac being delivered this friday morning:D


    Also purchased 32gb of ram for my new iMac from OWC

    and I think i am going to finally pull the trigger on a herman miller embody

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    How much for the chair? I would really like one of those one day :p
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    just googled it 1100$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol...no way
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    Goodbye and good riddance, iOS. Hello Android!
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    Just bought one of these bad boys:



    Hoping to compare it against the Aimpoint I got, but I am a sucker for lasers so it probably won't be fair.
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    I just ordered
    Bond No. 9 - New York Oud
    $240 so far my most expensive cologne.

    Not my picture.
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