Post your Mac Mini Set Up!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Tuned MP5T, Feb 8, 2005.

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    Since there is a iMac thread why not have one for the Mac mini. I don’t have mines as of yet, but this is what I plan on getting 1.42 GHz, 512 MB, BT, and Apple’s 20 inch Cinema Display.
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    Wish I have one to take a picture of. Apple just sent me an email saying my Mac mini's expected shipping date has been delayed to 3/9 :mad:
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    i want to see more so i can get ideas when mine ships... soon hopefully...
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    i'm at work now but as soon as i get home i'll post my setup.. not that interesting but it's cool.. got my mini about 2 weeks ago... bumped up the memory to 512... anyone interesed in the 256 stick of 3200 memory that came with my mini????
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    I have a Samsung SyncMaster 910t (basically same as yours, just bigger) - is yours plugged into VGA or DVI?
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    List it on the Classifieds board... the going rate for those is $25/shipped (that's what I got for mine).
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    I have no idea, what should I look at?
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    Is there a white adapter you got with your Mac mini between the Mac mini and the monitor cable going to your computer? By default the Mac mini has a DVI connecter, however with the use of the DVI to VGA adapter, you can also hook up the Mac mini to a VGA monitor.
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    Yesterday morning I received my e-mail stating that my mini was being shipped. Today at 9:50 am there was a knock at the door . . .

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    Thats nice mate :)
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    As you can see, my wife and I were (are) celebrating the weekend. I was surprised to see her shot included the libations.
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    A good reason to celebrate. :)

    Cool wallpaper, btw. Where'd you get that?
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    Hahaa...a Mini paired with a 23" ACD. Man, that is priceless. Seriously :)
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    I see a bottle of wine and two glasses. One for the ACD and the other for the mini. TOAST.
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    That was a real nice setup

    Nice room as well :cool:
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    Now you just need to update your sig to match :)
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    Actually, it is the 20" ACD. The 23" is amazing, but a little too much for my needs. Since I plan to eventually get a G5 PowerMac and move the mini next to the TV and stereo, I thought I'd get the monitor I really want.

    The wallpaper is "EarthDesk". Pretty nice when you are conversing with friends in Europe.
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    Anyway I would say that you are luckey with a 20" widescreen display.
    I have a 17" 4:3 (would like a PM and the 20" tough) :p
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    Mac Mini 1.25 GHZ
    GB ram
    Kensington Wireless USB Mouse
    18.1 NEC multisync Monitor
    2X acoustic authority speakers+ 8 inch subwoofer and box
    apple white pro keyboard
    portable USB 2.0 Hub
    80 gig usb 2.0 drive
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    Still need to get rid of that ugly monitor.
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    I like that iBook lurking in the background. Poor iBook.
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    The Mac Mini really is small isn't it?

    Everytime I say Mac Mini I feel like saying Mac Mily it from a Jay-z song...
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    my setup
    MacMini on the right side :p

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