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Post Your Mac Setup: Past & Present (Part 11)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by thegoldenmackid, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Home Setup




    Posted my setup about a year ago and have updated a few things since then.

    White MacBook (late 2007) | 2.2 GHz | 4 GB RAM | 120 GB Hard Drive | GMA X3100
    8 GB iPod touch (1st gen)
    320 GB WD External HD
    Griffin Elevator Stand
    Apple Wireless Keyboard
    Magic Mouse
    Speck SeeThru Black Case (for MacBook)
    Panasonice 32" 720p HDTV
    Xbox 360 Elite

    I'll post a pic or two of my dorm setup when I head back in a couple weeks.
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    keenan wolf

    Bedroom setup---
    27" iMac
    40" LCD & iMac
    ikea Dioder
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    Nothing much new from this one, a WD 1TB and the MX1100 with a new large mousepad.
    I'll post new pics when I get a decent camera :p

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    from what i've heard it's not good to use your 360 as a TV stand. just a heads up. i don't know if it really damages it though because an indent on the case
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    Yeah maybe its not the best way but the TV is not heavy and the console have much space behind so;
    Then I install the games on the HD.
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    I tidied up.I want to make it even more minimalist but can't think how.... expect for selling the MP 09 for a Imac :rolleyes:
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    I guess that when you put that big a screen, monitor and speakers so close to each other like that.. it won't get really minimalistic. ;)
    Nice setup tho, but too crowded for me.
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    I would try to relocate the speakers... it is to crowded with 'em sitting on the desk. But it is easy to say that. I don't really have a suggestion on a better place. If it is the minimalist/simplicity look you are going after, and you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, I would look at a smaller set of speakers. Just a suggestion...
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    what speakers are those?
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    Desperate Housewives FTW!

    My setup:

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    mac mini, 23" cinema display, B&W 685's, rotel rc-1070 and rb-1050, Roland rd-300sx keyboard

    Attached Files:

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    Morduant Short 902i's there hooked up to my amp then amp to DAC Then to Mac Pro
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    Dude! I had that same Ninja Turtles bed set when I was younger. I wish I still had it now. :(
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    I've got the same monitor/speakers/mouse/keyboard! You have good taste!:D
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    just cleaned of my desk and did some cable management.

    I think the 27" imac is to heavy lol, look at how my desk is bowed.

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    I had it too! I still have that pillow case and I use it all the time.
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    Desperate Housewives!
    & I spy many sneakers. ISS/NT by any chance?
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    Jason Beck

    Updated my setup with a cool little sticky light for my pullout keyboard drawer thing on my desk

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    Ahaha I'm always in the living room when my mom watches it so I'm following the storyline now.

    Just the pillow case left, it was originally my older brothers (he's 21 now) but yeah it's hella old ahah.

    Yup. Mostly Jordans but theres some vans and air maxes in there too.
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    My setup:
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    Hey smogsy, what stands are those that you're using for the speakers/monitors? I've been trying to find some for my M-Audios, but haven't located any.
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    I believe those are rear facing Aurelex Mopads

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