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Post Your Monitor

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by illibball087, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Everyone post what what monitor you use with your setup! We all know this is the best part...

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    does 1440x900 res and I can watch HD air signal tv!

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    HP 2009M

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    Dell S2309W

    23" 1920x1080

    It was cheap and i was low on cash, but its surprisingly nice.
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    Nec 24" 1920x1200. Would love the one with the top of the range ips panel and hood but they cost over £1000
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    Dell SP2309W, 23" 2048x1152.


    Really good monitor, especially for the price.
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    Good thread. If you guys could post actual pictures of your monitors it would be better. Also, say if it can be set in portrait mode!
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    My work setup.

    Dell E2209W Dell 3008WFP Dell 2208WFP

    At home, it's just the laptop's screen for now.
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    Hanns -G HH281 28"

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    Dell 2005fpw for my main PC, Dell P2210 for my Macbook

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Both can be rotated to portrait...
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    So bright and the viewing angles are crazy. Definitely pleased with this purchase, nice and easy to connect to MBP too.
  12. MRU



    My favorite accessory, and my treat to myself.

    Wouldn't go back for anything. :)
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    Dell S2409W Love it.

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    Acer X203H, great monitor.
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    22" Acer V223W DVI
    9" DoubleSight DS-90U USB Monitor

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    Productimages is sooo fun, if only there was an invention called a "camera", ooh wait.....
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    I have 2 identical monitors. The last 23" computer monitor that Sony made before making their TV's monitors also

    One is upstairs in the master bedroom entertainment wallunit which is attached to a black macbook... the other is in the dining room/Office wallunit attached to a mac mini

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    Here's mine.

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    I really like the ambient light sensor and the touch controls.


    22" - 1920 x 1080 - 16:9 - 2ms - 0.248mm - 1000:1 - $145 shipped
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    My desk doesn't work for dual displays, so I got the biggest thing that would fit the opening on my budget. Acrylic 23" HD Cinema Display.

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    Benq E2200HD

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    dual dell 22" monitors at work
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    Acer 233H 23" 1080P

    It has a noticeable back light flicker, its hurts my eyes and looks poor. I may be investing in a Mac Mini, ACD 24" this summer, any opinions?

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    Planar PX2611W. Very nice display. Great for both color critical work and fast motion video and gaming. Too bad nobody's posted a decent photo of one online as of yet. I'll have to take one of my own later, I guess.


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