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Post your Motorcycle and ATV pics [MERGED]

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by DZ/015, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Post your Motorcycle and ATV pics [MERGED]

    I rode this for many years. It was replaced by a Honda VF500F and then a Harley XL1200 which I still ride. Can't beat the beemer, though. You pedal pushers really need to join the new millenium!
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    Go on then. My Kawasaki, unfortunately taken with my mobile, so not the best quality photo. Still, it gives you an idea.
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    ah ok... I'm not a pedal pusher all the time.
    Was out on this for a couple of hours yesterday.
    2002 VFR Vtec. Can't find my own pics, but looks like this/

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    I've always liked the looks of the VFRs but just can't get on with the riding position. The VTR1000 is the same. It just doesn't feel right for me, too crunched up compared to the ZZRs. Shame as they are great bikes.
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    I bet you still live with your mum don't you?

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    That puts mine seriously to shame. Very nice bike, although totally impractical for the British climate. :cool:
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    emotion: Wish I did live with Mum, I'd probably have some money to my name instead of being broke.

    dynamicv: Love that avatar. Finally saw that film last weekend. Amazing stuff. thanks for the compliment. Of course if I used pedal power like so many here, I wouldn't be so "wide".:p
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    Here's the newest addition to my collection - just got it this evening :D

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    my 05 crf100
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    Here's mine!

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    But those are bicycles...
    I was referring to motorcycles.
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    What about all the motorcycles in the thread? It became a pretty decent mix of everything.
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    I was trying to start a ''motorcycle'' thread and already it's being disputed?
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    Well iCube, I never tire of whoring out my bike, so here's a pic of my '07 Honda CBR600RR :)

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    Fear Me.

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    Very nice!!!!
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    I like!!
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    Here are pics of my last two.
    Current bike is an S2R1000 (haven't any pics yet, only had it 9 months:D)

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    If I could afford it, I would totally get the BMW R 1200 GS (assuming it isn't subject to the same maintenance nightmares as their cars recently have). The MSRP is only $3k below that of my car... :eek:
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    Believe this or not - that thing takes me to 55mph. (most people don't believe it, until I pass them) And I weigh 350. :D

    It's a 1984, and that pic was taken last summer.

    I love that thing. It's the little scooter that can.
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    Lol I'm like big foot I weigh 350 and drive a S40. It's hilarious watching me get in and out.
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    The most memorable comment an old co-worker of mine said was...

    "You look like a circus bear riding that thing - while both are really funny to see, but I'd never (#*$ with either one of ya"

    He's a smart man, indeed. :D
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    Here are some random pictures of me and my girlfriend.
    Just for perspective My girlfriend is 5'7.

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