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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by MikhailT, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Post your mouse pad that matches (or may not) your current mac set up!

    Please add a little info, like model name, (optional) price and store

    (note: i am looking for a mouse pad right now, so that's why i set this up. so you're helping me in advance. Thanks)

    Model: Alu MacPadd
    Price: ~30

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    Mouse Pad? I don't need a mouse pad. I find it easier to just use the mouse on a regular surface. Since Mac's mouse movements are a little weird, I would find myself picking up the mouse a lot anyway because I would run out of room.

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    Unfortunately, over years of abuse, my table surface are scratched to death, interfering with the smooth movement of the mouse. thus why i am looking for the new mouse.
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    Belkin trackpad... It had no corners... it's round... it can be zipped and make a mouse wallet... washable...

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    I use/have a Steelseries SX:

    It's an absolutely phenomenal pad. Great for the precision I need in CS or TF2. Plus, it's nice and quick for Quake and the like.

    Anyway, I'm using it with my Logitech G9 and a Razer cord holder.

    And that's an old pic, so the mousepad is on another, older Razer pad. I keep that one around for lan parties and whatnot.
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    Make: Apple
    Price: £5 ish
    Shop: eBay

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    Here is mine, I am liking the look of the MacPadd though. :cool:

    Click Here
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    Here's mine... Go Titans

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    no. lolz joke i don't even know what brand mine is.
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    Taken with photobooth, cropped with iphoto...........reminds me of my brother!:D

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    Dolphin Pride

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    I own the black one, .99
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    15 1/2 in x 12 1/2 in.

    its those cr($%y mouse pads they just hand out cut, glued and taped together (no tape on top just bottom)

    its awsome when you have 2 monitors or are doing editing when you can't or don't wanna move it bad all the time.

    wow you want a solid aluminum mouse pad?
    i would think it would either be really great or really bad
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    I have a circle one of ebay, that has the apple logo in the middle in aluminum.
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    Get a feeling most people on here will have these :p Click for big ;)

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    Sometimes less is more:

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    I'm not sure who put a pin through Wallace's head! :eek:

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    Got it today

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