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Post your office chairs

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by daneoni, Jul 29, 2006.

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    My comfy chair recent got broken by a very *heavy* man so i have to get a replacement. It has to be VERY comfortable seeing as i spend 80% of my time there. So folks show me what ya got.
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    IKEA chair FTW. I love that thing!

    I find it to be really comfortable, but then again, I'm 18 and pretty much anything is still comfortable to me. :D

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  4. Lau

    I was really tempted by one of them the other day. :D
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    they look ''groovy''. lol i like them.
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    They're so cute and they match my iPod. :)

    The wheels are really good, but hard to bang into the bottom.
    I had to get out a huge rubber mallet... after about 20 minutes of cursing and hammering, I just got my neighbor to put in the wheels. :eek:

    but it's a good chair in all other respects. Also comes in black.

    or did the OP mean different office chair, like what a CEO might have and secretly spin around in?
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    Like mine? :D
    It makes me feel powerful.
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    Exactly my sentiment. It's about time we had a thread about chairs, considering we sit in them for at least 6 hours a day. A good chair is essential for good health and posture. :p
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    This is getting way out of control. :rolleyes:

    and don't tell me I don't have to read these threads... I still have to put up with all the "Post your [insert uninteresting object here]" titles in the thread lists.
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    I have the same exact one. Very comfortable.
  12. wkw
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    I have had a Herman Miller Aeron chair for the last 8 years. It was painfully expensive but worth every penny. Its incredibly comfortable and durable. Now they come with a 12 year warranty. LINKY
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    Nice chairs so far....and no they don't have to be CEO type chairs. Any chair you use at your desk.
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    I am sitting on an old Atlas speaker horn with a stool cushion bolted on where the driver used to be. The current equivalent seems to be the DR-54.

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    It's very, very comfortable.

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    Ya think? lol.

    What next, post your cell phone clip? Post your kitchen? Post your portable makeup set? :p
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    I have an Herrmann Miller Eames Lounge Chair.

    This is what it would have looked like new, before someone alterned it into an office chair and before decades of use:


    And today (from the back, anyway):


    Very worn out but still very comfortable.
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    I use a stack of 3 dead mac IIci's as a chair sometimes... they are all missing logic boards/ram/hard drives
    want to buy them? Only $25 :D

    but I like this one better:
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    So....tempting.....must...buy...obsolete...macs. I'm tryin to lay off for a bit on those.

    And oh yeah, this thread had it comin. I have a extremely relaxing chair....
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    This should be more appropriate:

  21. mpw

    Lovely seat Katie
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    Thanks. Only cost $170 and it feels good on the tush.
    and I was waiting to see how long it'd take for you to do that.. I specifically wrote it with you in mind. :eek:
  23. mpw

    Awww, I'm touched (please)
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    I'm still looking for one...it's funny I can spend this much on my HomeTheater/RSX and Mac but when it comes to this I'm tight and have trouble spending more than $150 CAN...!!!

    ...this one is for you...!!! (if you're reading this...!!!) :cool:
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    Omg, How dire are these posts getting... :rolleyes:

    "Post Your Toenail Clippings" I can see it coming...

    Anyway, I sit on a 3 year old computer chair from aldi, so na na na na to you ikea people! ;)

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