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Post Your Phone!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iShane, Jun 14, 2006.

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    I just got my RAZR V3c on Sunday, so I decided to take some pictures of it and share them with the MacRumors group! So post your phones! I'm interested to see what kind of stuff you guys have.



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    I got a Nokia 6280 a few weeks ago. The screen on it is amazing.
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    I like those! Aren't they like really expensive though?
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    They retail here for about $460 ($340 US) but I'm getting it cheaper for $240 ($175 US) because of the call plan I'm on.
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    Ahh I see. Well its nice.
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    Lucky!!! :)

    I have been waiting about 6 months for Cingular to release the 6282 which they claimed they were going to but it looks as though they are not going to now. :mad:

    How is it possible that America sucks so much when it comes to cell phones/technology?
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    I have my beautiful new Nokia N80! I does everything, WiFi, EDGE, 3G, quad band, stunning screen 3MegaPixel Camera! Its awesome!

    (It's not my picture and those arent my hands!)

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    I was thinking the same thing too, the 6280 expensive? We give them away for free on most contracts £30 or higher in the UK...which isnt classed as a high end monthly plan. Sucking at fashion and phones....it could be worse! ;)
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    Just got the LG Chocolate. :D

    ..and yes, those red glowing lights on the front are heat-sensitive pads - they act as buttons. Cool, oh yes.

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    Not as cool as the new Samsung E900's we've just got in last weekend. 2mp camera and a memory card slot, compared to the LG KG800 (Choco) :p

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Not to mention blue key backlight, and touch sens keys! :D
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    Samsung SGH-E760

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    [​IMG] just missed out on the bluetooth :D
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    Sony Ericsson T100


    I know, old, etc etc, but man this thing can withstand anything (water, drops etc) ;)
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    Yup...i'm old school.


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    omg, you people are doing this again? There was a thread before with everyone posting pictures of their phones from the manufactures websites, it was wastelanded.
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    Motorola v180. It's not bad, but it's not great either.

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    AJ Muni

    Nokia 6630 ...Yea thats a "Periodic Table Of Mixology" on my wall...

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    Hey, I got my V3c on Sunday too! If you got it at a real Verizon store, they just went on sale. I got mine for $149 with a $50 rebate and now they're $119 with a $50 rebate, so I got like $32 back by going to the store and asking nicely!

    I love how Verizon couldn't make the outside screen picture fill the whole screen....LMAO.

    Excuse the iSight pictures, didn't want to get the camera out.

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    the only semi-decent phone verizon offers ;)
    anyone have a BT headset they would recommend?

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    I tried the E815 with the 15 day trial, but it was so....big...it felt like I always had a, well, bulge in my pocket. The RAZR is so slim with no antenna, I love it! Wish it had the Motorola UI, not the VZW one, but on well. It takes great pictures, decent movies, I'm happy with it. Syncs with iSync via BT or USB...it's a nice phone.
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    My lovely Moto E815. Too bad Verizon crippled most features except for wireless modem in the first firmware which I have. :D On to hacking it!

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    ^At least you don't have to deal with Verizon's UI....:p

    Do the newer E815 have the VZW interface?
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    Cingular 8125

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Had almost 2 months and love it
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