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Post your PowerPC boot times!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Paulywauly, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Anyone out there have impressive boot times? Or any embarrassingly slow ones that are so slow it's almost funny?

    Just timed my iBook G3 running Tiger (with MobileMe syncing and dropbox running at startup) took a leisurely 2 mins 50 seconds! Means I can switch it on then go make a cup of tea :D
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    My Dual 867Mhz G4 running Tiger took a incredible 31.3 seconds to boot to the desktop (Considering my Mac Pro takes 26 seconds this is quite an achievement)
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    g4 ibook

    my g4 ibook 800 boots to desktop in 54 seconds. not bad considering the age.
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    Around 1:50 for the PowerBook Ti 1ghz, leopard is truly slow to boot but overall it's as fast as tiger once booted.
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    I havent timed it, but my G4 seems to boot in about 20-30 seconds
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    My G4 in my sig clocks in at 26 seconds.
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    I can make it to the login screen in about 20 seconds. But for a full boot it'll take my 1Ghz AlBook about two or three minutes. Finder comes up right away after login, but I run a number of CPU intensive startup items and my Albook also suffers from a failed cache. That prevents me from doing anything remotely productive until all the startup items have finished.

    OTOH, I never shut my Powerbooks off, so it's not something that bothers me too much.
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    My MDD makes it up and around 1 min to the desktop with Tiger
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    40 seconds, starting from the very moment I push the button.


    When do you start counting??.... An SSD boots faster, no matter what.
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    1:12 on my eMac, and that's got to open safari, iTunes, mail & AIM on startup too so it's not too bad considering it's running Leopard as well.

    My PowerBook, running Tiger only takes 42 seconds which is pretty damn fast if I may so myself :D
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    There are a lot of other variables too!
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    power mac g5

    My power mac g5 with 2gb ram and 80gb hard drive can boot up from the time I press the home button to to the time the dock shows up is 48.2 sec.
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    It takes about 45 seconds for my eMac to boot, a little over a minute and a half for full operation to be possible. I still love this thing to death, gonna run it into the ground before I get another machine. :cool:
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    My iBook G4 takes roughly 45- 50 seconds to boot, and exactly 11 seconds to turn off. It's faster after a few reboots :D
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    My awesome 1.5Ghz eMac takes about 40 seconds to show the dock running Leopard. My 350Mhz G3 iMac running Tiger, I stopped keeping track around 2 minutes, never restart it anyways. My 1.5Ghz Cube takes about 40 seconds to show the dock running Leopard.
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    I'll have to test it tonight..

    The MBP with SSD and SL is about 12 seconds, I'm guessing the PM will be a minute or so
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    the eMac in my sig takes 45 seconds to show desktop.

    10.4.11 :)
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    Not to be an ass or anything, but my Dual Processor 1.8gzh with 8gb of ram and a 160gb hard drive........ Took 18.9 seconds to boot!
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    I remember that my iMac G3 booted like 10 seconds faster than my expensive new computer - it was wicked fast.

    I'll try my Sawtooth right away. Pressing the button... and now it's up and running. 55 seconds.
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    starting from when?
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    Soon as I hear the stupid Apple gong sound
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    Then I sorta believe you
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    It is a totally fresh install of OSX, tho I admit the more and more things I install on it, I have not timed it again, but that boot time seems to be going up lol
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    The rest of us were counting from button push..not bong
  25. Drew017, Mar 3, 2012
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    Yea... I raced my G3 and G4 iBooks last night. The G4 shut down a lot faster, but the G3 booted faster. Sometimes I think the boot time has to do with how long it has been running. :rolleyes:

    My G4 reboots in 1:20 (11 seconds off, 1:09 to boot) seconds... didn't time the G3.

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